Allison Higgins

Former Barren County Trojanette Allison Higgins (above) has recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive for the virus on April 7. Higgins is currently on track to give birth to a healthy child in the near future.

GLASGOW – Allison Higgins took all the necessary precautions. She washed her hands regularly, practiced social distancing and kept good hygiene amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

However, she began to lose her sense of smell near the end of March. Then Higgins started to get frequent sinus headaches. Eventually, the body aches and sore throat came.

She was tested on April 3 for the virus which has led to a world-wide pandemic, and she was given the terrible news on April 7 that she had tested positive. But that was only the beginning of her concerns.

Higgins was more than 18 weeks pregnant at the time of her diagnosis.

“We were shocked,” Higgins’ mother Vicki Emmert said. “It was very scary. We didn’t know how she got it or what effects it could have on the baby.”

Fortunately for Higgins and her child, this story has a happy ending.

More than a month later after being told she had tested positive, Higgins is now recovered from the virus and is still on track to give birth to a healthy baby. Her case of COVID-19 was a mild one as Higgins grew up healthy and physically active.

“She played sports throughout her life,” Emmert said. “From tee-ball when she was little to multiple sports at high school, she always played sports.”

At Barren County High School, Higgins played basketball for the Trojanettes from 2007-09. During that time, the program accumulated a 68-25 record, two district championships, one region championship and a runner-up finish at region.

She also ran track and played soccer during her time at Barren County.

While the former athlete was able to overcome a mild case of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean it was an easy task.

“Over that weekend of not knowing if I had it, my symptoms became way worse at night,” Higgins said. “It was really hard to move around at times, and I would have a fever of around 100.4.”

According to Higgins, she was tested at the Medical Center in Bowling Green, which she says was not a pleasant experience. But what was even more displeasing was finding a way to get tested.

“Initially, it was frustrating because I had called a couple of places to get tested and they just brushed it off,” Higgins said.

“I just felt so anxious and worried about the baby,” Higgins said when she was finally given the news. “It took a little while to process. I wasn’t expecting it.”

Her health slowly but surely started to improve after her diagnosis as her worst symptoms occurred beforehand. Fast forward to the present and her taste and smell have finally returned after they were the first to go at the start of her battle.

Thankfully for Higgins, her husband Jarrod Higgins was right by her side during her sickness. They were both quarantined together and he has not tested positive for the virus.

“She was tough throughout the whole thing,” Jarrod said. “Luckily, she is healthy and her symptoms were not that bad. We are very blessed and thankful that she and the baby are healthy.”

“It changed our daily lives and how much we come in contact with people, but we are resuming our normal, day-to-day routines now,” he added. “Just be smart and be courteous when it comes to dealing with this virus. She was able to deal with it, but it could’ve been worse if she was someone with a weaker immune system.”

In present day, Higgins recently reopened a new pediatric speech therapy clinic offering dyslexia services in Bowling Green named “The Reading Company.” The clinic had its initial opening one week before orders from Gov. Andy Beshear forced it to close in order to fight the pandemic.

After successfully beating this infamous virus, Higgins is looking forward to serving families throughout the surrounding area through her new clinic. But she still has words of caution to the public in dealing with COVID-19.

“I would just advise everyone to take this more seriously,” Higgins said. “It wasn’t as bad as what you see on the news, but I thought I was being so careful and I still ended up getting it. I’m just thankful to be where I am now.”

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