Our friends at the U.S. Corps of Engineers at Barren River Reservoir tell us that the lake is currently in flood storage due to heavy rainfall in the past few weeks.

On Jan. 30, at 6 a.m., the lake elevation was at 542.62 mean sea level (msl) and the gates at the tower were at 0.9, releasing 3800 cubic feet per second (cfs). The lake elevation has fallen 0.46 feet and is falling but is about 14 feet above winter pool.

There are hazards floating in the lake like drift wood and large logs. This is dangerous to boaters at this time of year and the Corps urges extra caution to avoid these obstructions when you’re out there on the lake.

The Corps also said that as of Jan. 30, the Annual Day Use passes have not arrived for sale. The public will be informed as soon at the new passes come in. Until new passes do arrive, the 2005 annual day use passes will remain valid.

Long before he earned his doctorate, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife’s new commissioner, Jon Gassett, was bow hunting on his grandmother’s farm in rural Georgia. Gassett returns to his hunting roots on “Kentucky Afield” television this weekend as he joins his father and host Tim Farmer for a squirrel hunt in Harrison County. It’s an opportunity for sportsmen to see and hear him discuss his views on the future of hunting.

There will also be segments on youth waterfowl hunting near Morehead, Chef Carter Button cooking his signature cornbread-and-sausage stuffed duck and a visit with Jefferson County woodworker Don Ensminger as he crafts his own duck call.

The show concludes with the newest feature, the weekly fishing report which includes reports on Barren and Green River Reservoir in this area.

Things are slow at Barren River this week because of the high and discolored water. Retired wildlife officer Ed Darst referred to it as a mud hole this week. He talked to a couple of friends who had been fishing all day and had only a channel cat and one keeper crappie to show for their efforts.

Gary Morrison at Ranger Bob’s who usually provides us with the weekly fishing report predicted things would be picking up when the lake is a little more stable but there will be no report this week.

Ed reported on a trip to the Cumberland River last week with a friend as said it was the worst conditions he had experienced at Burkesville. His friend boated an 18-inch Rainbow but that was it for the pair.

Anyone who knows Ed knows he always has something going. He is still committed to the idea of forming a senior fisherman organization but is also working toward the establishment of CUSA (Christian United Senior Anglers) for men and women of faith who enjoy the sport of fishing.

One idea for CUSA would be an “Old Timers Tournament” in which senior anglers would compete with vintage equipment and baits. Ed is somewhat of a collector and brought by some old open face reels and some baits of considerable age. The tournament would be a one-day event for bass only and would conclude with a swap meet and get-together to trade war stories, and show equipment.

Rod and gun club members are reminded of tonight’s membership meeting at the clubhouse at 7 p.m. with a potluck meal. Yearly schedules have been printed and are ready to pass out.

The club has a registered trap shoot coming up on Sunday and a pitch tournament on Saturday, Feb. 11.


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