Ronnie Cobb

Ronnie Cobb, former assistant athletic director at Caverna High School, takes a phone call in the office. Cobb loves his job and said it has afforded him the opportunity to meet many people, some famous.

GLASGOW — After nearly 30 years of working for Caverna Independent Schools, former assistant athletic director and school figurehead Ronnie Cobb is retiring at the close of the 2019-20 school year.

Known throughout the area and 5th Region as “Mr. Caverna”, Cobb leaves behind a long career of service to generations of students at Caverna High School.

“He has been a perfect ambassador for what it looks like to be supportive of a school system,” Superintendent Cornelius Faulkner said. “Ronnie is Mr. Caverna. He is a guy that has put his whole heart into the school system and the kids that go here. He has seen a lot of different families come through. He always wanted to make sure the kids were having good day at school.”

During his time at the school, Cobb did a number of jobs along with his role in the athletic department. He served as an equipment manager for the teams and he also called in substitute teachers to teach when needed.

“He was here when I was in high school,” first-year Principal Chris Crain said. “He truly was a jack-of-all-trades, and he really did look after the student body. Ronnie has impacted so many students who have walked these halls.”

“He is always joking around with the kids and built relationships with them through that camaraderie,” Crain added. “Kids looked up to him as a father-figure and even a grandfather-figure in his later years here. It’s going to be different without him here.”

Cobb is also well-known for annually helping to work the Kentucky state basketball tournament. There, he is often recognized as “Mr. Caverna.”

For Faulkner, Cobb was even more than just a co-worker as the now-retired Colonel has been a mentor and a good friend of the superintendent.

“He has been a great employee and a great friend,” Faulkner said. “I’ve known him for a very long time. He has been over to several of my family gatherings. Everyone likes being around him. He helped me out so much when I was the head basketball coach.”

When asked about what made his time special at the school, Cobb unsurprisingly and quickly gave his answer — the students.

“The kids meant a whole lot to me,” Cobb said. “I got to know the kids on a personal level. I’m going to miss these kids every day, and I’m going to miss my coworkers as well. I’ve been at the school for so long.”

“It meant a whole lot to me to have worked at Caverna,” Cobb added. “I hate to retire, but I’m 60 years old and it’s time for me to do so.”

Cobb was originally only a volunteer for the school system. But after eventually being hired and over a quarter century of service to the school system, Cobb will be remembered as one of the most recognizable, and enduring, faces of Caverna High School.

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