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Hadley Adams, a rising eighth-grader at Barren County Middle School, was recently elected as the national president of Junior Beta Club. She also serves at the Kentucky president of Junior Beta Club and is the kicker of the BCMS football team.

GLASGOW — Hadley Adams was recently elected as the national president of the Junior Beta Club, and she also serves as the state president for the organization.

But when she’s not winning elections, she kicking field goals for the middle school football team.

“I was at a kickball tournament and then the football coach was like: ‘Hey, have you ever thought about kicking?’” Adams said. “And I was like: ‘No, not really.’ But that’s kind of when it got started.”

The rising eighth-grader decided to join the football team last season and served as the Trojan kicker.

“It was so different,” Adams said. “I was really scared to do it, but then once I did it, it made me feel so much better because I really enjoyed it.”

When asked what is her mindset when she’s on the field and about to kick a field goal, Adams said it’s a lot like soccer, “but you have your whole team surrounding you, so that’s kind of what made me not nervous when I was on the field.”

Adams said that while she first kicked a football last summer, she has been playing soccer since she was 3 — but the Trojan kicker added that the technique of kicking a football is actually “completely opposite” of kicking a soccer ball.

“I had to learn a whole new technique for the football,” she said. “For soccer, you have to use more of the inside of your foot. But for football, you have to use more of like your toe — not really your toe, but kind of — different part of your foot.”

Adams said she intends to kick for the middle school football team this upcoming season, and that her gender didn’t factor into her decision of whether or not to play.

“Most girls think that they can’t because they are a girl,” Adams said, adding that she takes pride in the fact that “I stepped up and said, ‘Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do something that I want to do.’”

Adams then described the experience of making a field goal.

“It makes me feel so good,” she said with a big smile. “It’s like everything that I’ve been working for just kind of (connects) in those few seconds.”

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