BOWLING GREEN – With sports at a standstill, the Glasgow Daily Times will be releasing daily countdowns of the best teams, athletes and moments over the past decade of prep sports in the area.

The qualifications are simple. We will be choosing from moments that happened during the 2010-11 school year to the 2019-20 school year. Also, we will be picking from a pool of nine teams, which all span east of Bowling Green: Glasgow, Barren County, Allen County-Scottsville, Caverna, Monroe County, Metcalfe County, Cumberland County, Clinton County and Russell County.

Without further ado, here are the five best moments in area basketball this decade:

1. Poore’s prayer wins 2012 15th district championship

No moment has encapsulated 15th District basketball better than this one did in 2012. Let me set the stage for everyone here.

The No. 1 seed Glasgow Scotties came into the 2012 15th District Championship game as very heavy favorites over No. 2 seed Barren County. The Scotties had one of the most-feared teams in the history of 15th district basketball.

Not only did Glasgow have one of the best players in the region in Quentin Ellis, but they had a roster that had five seniors who would go on to be college athletes. Outside of Bowling Green and Warren Central, this was easily the best team in the region.

On the other side were the Trojans who were sitting at a very respectable 18-12 on the season. However, this was a program that had just won five games the season beforehand. Barren County didn’t have a single senior on that 2012 team, and Glasgow defeated the Trojans with relative ease in both regular season contests.

But what would happen in the the championship game between both teams was nothing short of legendary.

After surprisingly sticking with the Scotties for the duration of the game, the championship went into overtime where Hunter Bowles would eventually hit a free throw to tie things up at 67-67 with mere seconds left in the game.

Barren County’s Jaucoby Poore then quickly got the ball up the floor and threw up a prayer 3-point shot at the buzzer from near the volleyball line. It was nothing but net, and the Trojans shocked all of the 4th region by winning the district championship.

Make no mistake, this was the moment that would define a decade of basketball within this district. Not only did this moment jump-start the well-known phrase “anything can happen in the 15th District Tournament”, but it was the first of three-straight district championships Barren County experienced under coach Warren Cunningham.

Oh, did I mention this came against two schools who easily have the biggest rivalry in all of the 4th Region?

Poore’s shot fills every requirement of a true, great sports moment. It’s the one, true shining time that no one in that gym, or this area, will ever forget.

2. One minute of sheer insanity

You may not believe this, but the 2017 Girls’ 16th District Championship between Metcalfe County and Russell County featured what is one of the most insane last minutes I’ve ever seen in a basketball game.

To make a long story short, the last five possessions of the game resulted in five straight made 3-pointers between these teams and five straight lead changes. Yes, you read that right. That all happened in just one minute, and just one timeout was taken in that span.

No number of words I could write here would accurately capture the emotional roller coaster that everyone in that gym went through during that minute of sheer insanity.

The perfect icing on the cake that was this flabbergasting minute was that fifth 3-pointer made at the buzzer by the Lady Hornets Shawna Edwards.

Her game-winning shot not only won the district championship over the heavily-favored Lady Lakers, but that Russell County team would actually go on to win the 4th Region Championship and claim their spot in the state tournament.

Nothing about this last minute made any kind of cognitive sense, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best moments of the decade.

3. Sorrell’s shot downs Trojans in triple OT

If this was a list of the best games of the past decade, the 2018 15th District Tournament first-round matchup between Barren County and Glasgow would claim the top spot.

If Poore’s shot started a stretch of dominance for Barren County, then Nik Sorrell’s layup would jumpstart Glasgow’s return to the top. After losing 13 straight games to the Trojans, the Scotties finally downed Barren County 69-68 in triple-overtime fashion thanks to the go-ahead basket made by Sorrell.

Glasgow would then go on to defeat Monroe County in the district championship. The Scotties would also win the following district championship in 2019 as well.

No stranger to amazing games in the 15th district, Glasgow coach James Willett says to this day that this was the best game he has ever been a part of, which is incredibly high praise as you are about to see.

4. Falcons outlast Patriots in fifth overtime

Once upon a time, Willett was actually the head coach for Allen County-Scottsville where he participated in what had to be the second-best game he has ever coached.

The first round contest in the 2011 15th District Tournament between No. 2 seed Monroe County and No. 3 seed Allen County-Scottsville would go down as one of the best games this area has ever seen.

Nearly three hours later from the opening tip, the Falcons would outlast the Patriots in an absolutely amazing five-overtime classic 85-78. Take it from a guy who was technically a part of this moment, this was a basketball version of a heavyweight bout between two teams battling to outlast each other.

As a sophomore for Monroe County, I didn’t get much playing time, but I was on the bench for the entirety of this game. I can remember vividly the look of disbelief on the faces of all the coaches, players, referees and fans once the buzzer sounded at the end of the fourth overtime, and no winner was decided yet.

In that moment, everyone was just a lover of sports no matter what the outcome would be. It doesn’t get much more poetic than that.

5. England’s shot spurs legendary Trojanette run

While there are dozens of other moments to possibly choose from for this last slot, this small countdown ends with Mackenzie England’s game-winning 3-point shot to down Allen County-Scottsville in the first round of the 2019 15th District Girls’ Tournament.

People really underestimate just how huge this shot was considering that if it didn’t happen, the Trojanettes’ season ended right there.

Instead, England got herself wide open and knocked down the shot, which spurred Barren County’s huge postseason run to the state tournament. Oh, I forgot to mention that this shot came in overtime fashion as almost every moment on this list did.

There is no easy way or even correct way to rank the moments of this decade of basketball in this area, but one thing remains certain. With no sports at the moment, we at least have a decade full of incredible memories to inspire us.

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