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Will McCoy, a Glasgow native, poses with his wife, Brittanie, and their daughter, Lennon, after he was named as the new boys' basketball coach at Greenwood High School during a press conference Tuesday at GHS.

GLASGOW — Will McCoy, a 2008 graduate from Glasgow High School, was announced as the new boys’ basketball coach at Greenwood High School on Tuesday during a press conference at GHS.

McCoy was most recently an assistant boys’ basketball coach at Barren County High School, and has also served as the head boys’ basketball coach at South Warren Middle School, Bowling Green Junior High School and Barren County Middle School. The former Scottie player was also an AAU administrator and coach.

“I’m excited to be a Gator,” McCoy told the Glasgow Daily Times over the phone Wednesday. “Just being able to be a head coach of a varsity program with so much tradition in a district that is just, year in and year out, so competitive.

“We’re going to build a culture here. We’re going to build an unmatchable work ethic. We’re going to do things the right way — and we’re going to compete, night in and night out.”

The new Gator coach said he learned a great deal from assisting with the Trojan basketball program, and that Barren County coach Warren Cunningham and the rest of the coaching staff were very positive influences on him. He said those two years were “absolutely irreplaceable to me as a coach and as a person.”

“I learned how to build a program. How to do things the right way,” McCoy said. “The way they studied the game, I just learned so many good habits from those guys. I tried to just be a sponge.

“I just really value them. They’ve been super supportive. They have been encouraging. They have made phone calls for me. They really helped me throughout this process. They let me know early on they didn’t want to lose me, but I also was upfront with them when I got hired a few years ago that I had a goal of being a head coach — I wasn’t going to just go anywhere, but if a program that excited me opened up, I was going to give it a shot — and, luckily, Greenwood was a place that I was excited about.”

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Will McCoy, former assistant boys' basketball coach at Barren County High School, was named as the new boys' basketball coach at Greenwood High School during a press conference Tuesday at GHS.

Will Bandy, a rising senior forward for Barren County, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that McCoy is “one of my favorite coaches I’ve ever played for,” adding that Greenwood is getting “a great teacher, coach and mentor.”

Caverna Independent Schools Superintendent Cornelius Faulkner, who is also the girls’ basketball coach at Caverna High School and an AAU coach, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that McCoy is a “great hire” for Greenwood, and that he is a “hard working young man with a bright future in coaching.”

McCoy replaces Bob Pels, who spent three seasons with the Gators before stepping down from the position. Greenwood went 16-12 last season and lost to Warren Central in the opening round of the District 14 tournament.

“If you’re competing for the 14th District, history is going to show you that you’re going to be competing for the 4th Region title,” McCoy said. “My biggest goal is to get these guys to Rupp Arena, and that is my biggest goal on the court.

“My biggest overall goal, as I mentioned yesterday (at the press conference), I want to help these guys be good people. I think that sports — I learned more about life throughout sports than probably in any other area of my childhood and my teenage years because you just learn so many values.

“My job as their head coach is to get them to move on to be good, prominent members of the community somewhere — good fathers, good husbands, and that’s the kind of stuff that I really want to try to instill and leave my mark on these guys.”

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Will McCoy, who was named as the new boys' basketball coach at Greenwood High School during a press conference Tuesday at GHS, poses with his new players.

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