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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Reggie Bush is so good he has NFL fans rooting for their teams to lose.

Matt Leinart has been on guard for pass rushers plus the paparazzi.

Vince Young says he’ll be the most popular player in the storied history of Texas football with one more victory — and nobody’s about to argue.

No need to go to Hollywood to see stars in Southern California on Wednesday night. Pasadena will be the place, when Leinart, Bush and No. 1 USC face Young and No. 2 Texas for the national title.

They have been the faces of college football in 2005: Leinart, the cool quarterback with the boy-band looks; Bush, the breathtaking tailback and sharp-dressed man; and Young, the dynamic dual-threat with smooth moves he flashes before and during games.

Leinart, Bush and Young started the season as front-runners for the Heisman Trophy, and ended it as the only three players invited to New York for the presentation ceremony.

That was the last time they shared a stage. Bush won that competition and Young was crushed.

While Leinart has reached out to Young this season to give his fellow QB some friendly advice, Bush didn’t show the least bit of sympathy for Young after winning the Heisman.

A little friction between the stars? How Hollywood.

Bush has always been a showstopper. He finished fifth in the Heisman voting last season, despite relatively few opportunities to showcase his straight-from-the-video-game moves.

He ascended to superstar status this season, running for 1,658 yards — 8.9 per carry — and leading the nation in all-purpose yards with 217.9 per game.

“When I worked for coach (Barry) Switzer at Oklahoma,” Texas coach Mack Brown said Friday, “and when we were watching film, he would say, ’There’s a three-play guy and a five-play guy. If I watch a guy for five plays and I don’t see whether he’s good enough, turn it off.’ Reggie is a one-play guy.”

If Bush decides to pass up his senior season, a decision he said he’ll make after the Rose Bowl, he is expected to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft.


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