Clemmons' Cat

Todd Clemmons with the 54-pound catfish he caught noodling at Barren River Lake.

We talked a little last week about noodling and since then, I’ve been hearing some more on the subject, including a 54-pounder noodled from Barren by Todd Clemmons.

Enjoyed the Sunday buffet at Barren River Lodge with my second daughter and her two youngsters and also my son, visiting from Tennessee. James and Diane Clemmons and some of their extended family were also there and James mentioned reading the reference to noodling and related that his son Todd had pulled out a monster. It’s the biggest I’ve heard of so far.

Bill Simmons also told me that he went along with his brothers Danny and Kenneth as an observer one day last week and Danny and his partner had an excellent day. Brother Kenneth even tried his hand for the first time.

I can forsee a big fish fry coming up for the Simmons family.

Later in the day last Sunday, we took the two grandsons fishing for about an hour. The older of the two boys, Jack who is going on 7, wanted to do it himself, without any help from his Uncle Chris or Grandpa. He was catching a few bluegill but his little brother, David, allowed Grandpa to set the hook. After the little one had reeled in about a dozen bluegill, he turned to his mother at the back of the pontoon and announced, “Mom, I’m a real fish catcher.”

The hybrid season is well underway at Barren but its been sporadic. Best production has come at night although there has been some action early and late using top water as the big strippers chase shad.

The best largemouth action has also been at night using the plastics.

A few crappie are still being caught along the channels but are being caught only by the most experienced crappie hands.

Bluegill and catfish fishing continues to be very good.

With Independence Day fast approaching, “Kentucky Afield” brings back their popular show on the American bald eagle this weekend.

According to the weekly news released from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, Kentucky hosts hundreds of bald eagles during their winter migration, as well as dozens of pairs who are permanent residents of the state.

“Kentucky Afield” airs Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on KET affiliatesand is repeated Sunday p.m. at 3 p.m.

Following is the weekly report from Barren River by the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

Present Pool Elevation: 552.58 ft Mean Sea Level (M.S.L.)

Summer Pool: 552.00 ft M.S.L.


The holiday that commemorates the founding of this great nation, Fourth of July, has finally arrived. This year, the 4th falls on a Tuesday, creating an extended weekend for travelers.

At this time we would like to express our concern for everyone’s safety as you journey to and from Barren River Lake. Campgrounds are expected to be full, as well as roadways and waterways. Common sense and courtesy are paramount to the success of this holiday weekend.

Barren River Lake is the dividing line for Allen and Barren Counties, which are dry. Therefore, alcohol is prohibited. With the increased amount of traffic, both on the land and water, it makes sense to leave all alcohol at home.

Another safety concern is fireworks. Fireworks are a traditional way to celebrate the 4th. However, they are very dangerous, especially to children. Even the sparklers you commonly find in stores can severely harm children, who are the largest user of this product. Fireworks are prohibited on all government property and the lake.

There are more positive ways to celebrate the founding of our nation. Barren River Lake offers many forms of recreation, whether you wish to be active, or to just relax and put your worries behind you.

Remember, there will be many pedestrians in all of our recreation areas, especially children. Be alert, watch your speed, don’t be in a hurry, and have a safe positive experience. Remember, drugs, alcohol and fireworks don’t mix well with water.

The Corps cares for your safety.


The Corps of Engineers will be offering movies for your entertainment in the following campgrounds at the listed times: Friday, The Narrows Campground Amphitheater, 8:30 p.m.; Saturday, July 1, Baileys Point Amphitheater, 8:30 p.m.; Sunday, July 2, Tailwater Amphitheater, 8:30 p.m. The public is invited.


There will be a fireworks display at the Barren River State Park Beach to celebrate our nation’s birthday, on Tuesday, July 4, beginning at 9 p.m. The public is invited.


Fireworks are prohibited at Barren River Lake on federal property to include all recreation and day use areas and the lake. In accordance with Title 36, Chapter 3, part 327.13, “the possession of explosives or explosive devices of any kind, including fireworks or other pyrotechnics, is prohibited unless written permission has been received from the district commander.”

Fireworks are dangerous to use, especially for children, and are a fire hazard.

If you wish to experience the thrill and excitement of these pyrotechnics, the Barren River State Resort Park will offer a fireworks display on Tuesday at the park beach beginning at 9 p.m.


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