To the Daily Times:

When the reporter for the Glasgow Daily Times called, we agreed to be interviewed about the pending administrative action to be held Oct. 6 at the Barren County Courthouse.

Mr. Bell contends that the lawsuit is an attempt to “extort” money from Mrs. Troyer. This is false. What he so conveniently forgot to mention is the fact that on July 15 a letter from the Kentucky Commission On Human Rights was sent to him with an offer of settlement with no mention of monetary settlement whatsoever. All we asked for was a written apology and whatever the State wanted posted in her store about discrimination. I repeat, no money was requested.

Mr.Bell wonders why we would drive 80 miles round trip to shop at a bulk food store in Cub Run. There are several stores in that area and we have shopped at all of them including Mrs.Troyer’s in the past, and never has anyone refused my wife service. We have friends who live in the Munfordville area, therefore after spending some time with them, we drive through the Amish area like many other people shopping for items you may not be able to obtain from other stores.

Mr. Bell says we are doing this for money and publicity. That’s very interesting since the reporter informed us that Mr. Bell had called her to do a story about the case. It sounds like Mr. Bell is ringing his own bell.

Mr. Bell is right about one thing, it IS about one’s rights, and the First Amendment does protect that right. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out. Then all the facts will be out in the open.

Ottie A. Garrett Jr.


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