Daniel Suddeath

Daniel Suddeath

Glasgow, where do I even begin?

I started as editor of the Glasgow Daily Times on Sept. 29, 2015, and I can’t describe how proud I’ve been to hold this post during the past five years. The experiences belong in a book, as sometimes they’re hard for even me to believe when I begin discussing them aloud with friends and family. We’ve been through so much, and I just know the best is yet to come for this community and hopefully, this newspaper.

But it’s time for me to move on, and next week will be my last with the Daily Times. On May 4, I’ll return to the News and Tribune in New Albany, Indiana. I’ll be privileged to work alongside some talented and dedicated professionals there, continuing to do what I love — report the news and keep the public informed.

Glasgow, you know the newspaper business has fallen on tough times. Our subscribers are dealing with the financial pain along with us, as we’ve had to reduce our publication days to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But my last request of you is that you support journalism.

The GDT remains the best source for local news in Barren County. We’re not perfect, but we care about this community. Without this newspaper, coverage of local events will be scarce to find.

The staff of this newspaper has won countless awards through the years for journalism excellence, but we’re more than crime, government and education coverage. We’re the place where births and weddings are announced, where high school athletes are spotlighted, where obituaries honoring the lives of those who have died are memorialized.

You can’t hang a Facebook video on your refrigerator. A printed-out tweet doesn’t have the same appeal as a newspaper article for the scrapbook. There’s nothing better than seeing your name, or the name of someone you love, published in newsprint.

Since this pandemic has changed our lives, you won’t find another news outlet that’s provided more coverage of Barren County. The good times and the bad times — they’re covered in the Daily Times. That’s what real journalism is about, the good and the bad. But we are also a business, and during this time when so many are stepping up to help establishments in need, don’t forget the Daily Times employs local residents.

I wish we could publish a newspaper seven days a week, but our new schedule doesn’t mean that events that matter to you will no longer take place, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we won’t be there to cover them. Our website will continue to be updated daily, and we’ll serve this community as a watchdog, a cheerleader and a fellow citizen. Longtime GDT journalist and current news editor Lisa Simpson Strange will be moving into the main editor’s position, and she’s more than capable of leading this newspaper.

I’ll continue to say “our” when referring to the Daily Times because part of it will always be mine. The GDT is also yours, Glasgow. This is your newspaper. There are dozens of communities larger than ours without a local newspaper. Don’t take it for granted.

As we’ve been painfully reminded of during this pandemic, social media is not a reliable source for accurate information. Distorted facts and outright lies flood this new medium of communication, and it’s a dangerous dilemma when we’re forced to rely on unchecked social media posts as opposed to professional journalism.

I must thank my coworkers at the Daily Times, those who are no longer here and the ones who continue to fight the good fight at the newspaper. I’ve seen firsthand your commitment to this community, and you deserve gratitude for all you’ve done to promote, protect and inform southcentral Kentucky. You won’t find another business here that’s done more for the greater good of Barren County while asking little in return.

To our readers, thank you for caring about local journalism. Thank you for your comments, good and bad, during the past five years. Thank you for your support. It means so much to us to know that you value our newspaper.

To the community, thank you for accepting me into the fold. I will never forget the kindness that so many have shown me.

In closing, don’t settle for anything. Hold your elected officials accountable. Expect more than the status quo. Don’t believe that just because this is considered a small town that you can’t have big dreams, and that you can’t make those goals a reality.

Most importantly, realize this community has much to offer when we’re not bogged down with petty in-fighting and ego trips. Let the experts guide you in their respected fields. Vote for candidates who have legit plans for solidifying and growing this community. Support your local businesses and more will come to Barren County.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance. I took one five years ago when I packed up and moved to Glasgow. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Suddeath has been the editor of the Glasgow Daily Times since 2015. His column has appeared weekly since then in Thursday editions and at various times throughout the week. Reach him, at least until Wednesday, at 270-678-5171, or by email at dsuddeath@glasgowdailytimes.com. Follow him on Twitter @DsuddeathGDT.

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