Daniel Suddeath

Daniel Suddeath

It's an understood fact that a business must charge for its products if that business is going to remain open.

The newspaper industry is no different. We have a unique business — one that serves the public in a way that's hard to replace — but newspapers are still businesses. In order to employ the hardworking journalists, page designers, advertising representatives and the others who bring you the important news, sports and information from our community, we must charge for our services.

This is certainly not a new idea. Newspapers have always charged for their print product, or sold advertisements to support their business. Times have changed, and now many people read the news on their computers, smart phones or tablets. But the news is still the news, and we still have to pay professionals to report it so you can consume it.

The Glasgow Daily Times is taking what some might consider a bold step, but for us, is a common sense move. Our content online will no longer be available for free. In order to read our stories, columns and public announcements, you must purchase a subscription, a day pass to our site or buy the individual article you're seeking to read.

This is what our subscribers already pay for, and it's only fair that we charge a reasonable fee for those who don't currently subscribe but want to read our content online. We value your readership, but we must be a sustainable business in order to continue being the standard bearer for local news that's so important to an informed society.

Let me emphasize to our current print subscribers that you are already signed up for complete online access. Your monthly subscription covers the cost of accessing our articles on our website as well as downloading our E-edition, which is a replica of our print edition.

When you subscribed, you should have been given log-in credentials. If you forgot that information, or are having trouble accessing your account, please give us a call between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 270-678-5171. We'll track down the information for you and make sure your account is ready for use.

If you don't have a subscription, let me encourage you to sign up. We are an award-winning operation and the Newspaper of Record for Barren County. You won't find more coverage of Barren County than what we offer, and we also cover events, government meetings and sports in surrounding counties such as Monroe County and Metcalfe County.

We're also affordable. Our monthly rate is less than a Netflix subscription, and that includes receiving the print edition in your mailbox five days a week and garnering unlimited access to our website.

For a little bit less, you can buy an online-only subscription. You can also purchase a day pass or even buy a single article. We have several options that are very affordable considering what you'll be receiving.

And that's what this is all about. There are communities much bigger than Glasgow/Barren County that don't have a five-day-a-week newspaper. You can't replace the value of a local newspaper, especially one that values real journalism, timeliness and unbiased news reporting.

We've been in Glasgow for over 150 years, but it's always been a partnership with you, the reader. We want to continue that partnership, even if that means we have to change how we view our news and how we charge for it. The reader has started that change by consuming more news online, so we're also adjusting. We hope you'll value local journalism as much as we value bringing you the news of our community.

Suddeath is the editor of the Glasgow Daily Times. His column appears in the Thursday edition and at various times throughout the week. Reach him at 270-678-5171, or by email at dsuddeath@glasgowdailytimes.com. Follow him on Twitter @DsuddeathGDT.

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