Daniel Suddeath

Daniel Suddeath

Speculation continues to run rampant more than a week after Jeremy Marr died after being involved in an incident with the Glasgow Police Department.

The initial reports from authorities stated that police attempted to arrest Marr the morning of April 14 after responding to a call for service that a man had unlawfully entered a residence along Cleveland Avenue.

According to authorities, police found Marr outside the residence.

“While attempting to arrest Marr, officers noticed him having a medical emergency, at which time EMS was notified and responded to the scene,” states a news release issued by the Kentucky State Police.

“Marr was transported to T.J. Samson Hospital by Barren/Metcalfe EMS, where he was pronounced deceased.”

But that wouldn’t be the end of the story. A video posted on social media shows officers apparently attempting to arrest Marr, and people have raised questions and hurled accusations about how police handled the situation.

As of the deadline for this column, the autopsy results for Marr hadn’t been released. KSP has called for anyone with information about the incident to contact the agency. To date, we’ve yet to see any further footage from that day.

It’s been typical KSP policy to deny requests to release police video footage from situations such as this one. The Daily Times was met with multiple denials when we requested body camera footage from a February 2019 incident where Barren County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joseph Ford was shot with a bullet from a former GPD officer’s gun. Once the incident was no longer under investigation, the video appeared to show the weapon fired after the officer had struck the man authorities were trying to arrest with the gun.

But we know police agencies don’t always wait until an investigation is over to release footage. On March 30, the Louisville Metro Police Department released body camera evidence the day after an officer fatally shot a man.

It showed, frankly, that police will release footage when it clearly absolves officers of any guilt. It’s human nature, but it’s not consistent.

All we have about the incident in Glasgow is speculation. We know a man died, but we don’t know the whole story. One big question that has yet to be answered is whether or not the officers had their body cameras on to record what happened that day.

If footage is available, it should be released to the public. End the speculation, one way or the other. The public doesn’t need to be kept in the dark for months. If the officers followed protocol, they should have their names cleared. If they didn’t, they should be held accountable.

Marr’s family deserves answers. Some have speculated about Marr’s past, as he had been arrested multiple times. But thankfully a person’s past doesn’t mean they don’t deserve fair treatment legally.

Let’s also understand that being a law enforcement officer is a tough job. They deal with people on some of the worst days of their lives, and it’s a dangerous and stressful position to hold. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions about how the GPD responded to this situation until we have all the facts.

The KSP can help shed some light on those facts by being transparent in its investigation and releasing video footage of what happened that morning.

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