Needing a vacation? Need a trip somewhere besides the grocery store and the bank? I’m in that frame of mind to “get out of town” but see no end in sight except for a possible road trip. That would mean sleeping in the car and eating sandwiches out of a cooler or going through a fast food place. I am in stage “3 months” of grieving for my freedom and my self-imposed quarantine. However, I came up with a brilliant plan. We could rent a camper and hit the road. Sounded good to me.

“Guy,” I said from another room. “I have an idea. Let’s rent a camper and go on a road trip. See the country from the highway.”

I named off places we could go that wouldn’t require being with other people, standing in a hotel or eating in a restaurant.

“You don’t know the first thing about camping!” he laughed. “I can see you now.”

I didn’t know that was a requirement. I assumed that we would turn on the engine, and off we’d go!

“You don’t just rent a camper. You have to know what you’re doing.”

My thought was that he could learn. How hard could it be? I began my research and found hundreds of rentals from personal owners to companies and at a reasonable price. I also discovered there are “classes” of campers. The one I thought we needed was class “C”. Then I read the fine print on a couple of them. Some will allow only a hundred miles a day before they charge more per mile. Who would go only a hundred miles a day? Not us. Then there were fees for renting; fees for not dumping (I guess that would be the toilet) and fees for other things I didn’t understand.

He explained that we couldn’t pull off the side of the road and sleep for the night (like I didn’t know that!). We would have to plan ahead to know where RV parks are.

“Not only would you rent the camper, but you would also pay a parking fee and probably a hookup fee and who knows what else. Then who’s going to cook? A vacation doesn’t mean cooking.”

He thought that point would put me off, but I would be glad to cook to see beyond Oris Lane. All of a sudden, Guy became an expert on camping. I listened to his reasons, knowing we were never going to rent a camper and drive across America.

Camping the old-fashioned way never appealed to me, but the modern campers are nicer than many homes. I can see myself in the co-pilot’s seat as we glide down the interstate. I can see myself behind the wheel, driving along without a care in the world. I can also see Santa and the Easter bunny. I guess we won’t be renting a camper, but a girl has to have a dream. A plan. A hope. A way out. I’m getting “antsy” along with everyone else! The world may be open for business, but I’m still very cautious.

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