Mary Billeck (my daughter-in-law’s mother) from Belton, Texas called last spring to say that she and some of her friends were coming through Kentucky in a few months on their way to Niagara Falls on a girls’ trip and wanted to visit. I’m always glad to see them.

Then she said, “We want to meet the Headhunters.” I didn’t remember she said that, but she did! Keep in mind, I don’t have the guys on speed dial, nor do I show up at their houses for coffee and cake. At six o’clock at night, what was I going to do? I had to spring into action because they were anxious to meet them, and so I set out to stalk the Kentucky Headhunters! I didn’t even know if the boys were in town.

First, I sent a message to Marla (Fred’s wife) via Facebook, but before I heard from her, I told the ladies to “load up” and I could at least show them where the guys lived. Off we went to Wisdom. No lights at Richard’s house. On to Fred’s house. The ladies said they hoped nothing happened to me on the way down the one-lane road because they would never find their way out. I pointed out the famous “Practice House” where I had taken Luke, our shared grandson.

“You can’t imagine the famous musicians and singers who have walked across that porch,” I said, explaining what I knew of its history. “You should see the inside,” I said.

As we turned toward Marla’s, I was hoping Fred was home. Marla was in the yard, waiting. She had gotten my message. Soon Fred, who had been working on his tractor, greeted the ladies and spent time chatting about the band and answering questions. Fred told about playing in Austin (where Jon and Beth live) and that they were playing in Oklahoma in May, which was the closest place to them, so they assured Fred they would be there. The girls were equally impressed with Marla! When I asked about Richard, he said that Richard was at a studio in Glasgow and for us to “show up.” When I said I didn’t want to interrupt him, Fred said, “Aw, he won’t care.” That’s all I needed! After picture-taking (by now it is seven at night), we headed to Glasgow.

On the way to Glasgow, I remembered that I had Greg Martin’s number, so I called. He had been on a walking trail for over an hour, but he would meet us in a parking lot of a certain restaurant and meet the ladies. He added, “I can’t get out of the car; I’m too sweaty!” So, we met Greg, chatted across from one vehicle to the other, and said about Richard, “Go on over there. He’s not recording. He won’t care.” That’s all I needed to hear. So far, the girls were totally amazed at how personable these stars were and on the drive to the studio, they texted back home to tell their children what they were doing right at that moment! (Part Two-finding Greg and Richard-next week.)

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