To continue the journey from last week of searching for the Kentucky Headhunters, both Fred Young and Greg Martin insisted we “interrupt” Richard’s studio session. (They didn’t say that word, but that is what I felt we would be doing.) We took their permission and headed for the studio on Water Street in Glasgow belonging to David Barrick. I made a few wrong turns until I found the street but had no idea in which building I would find Richard. At eight o’clock on a dark street that isn’t much more than an alley, I wasn’t sure on how many doors I wanted to knock or into windows I wanted to peek before finding him. I parked in front of a brick building (that looked abandoned except for the two vehicles in front) and while the girls waited and locked the doors, I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I heard music, so I knew no one could hear me, and when I opened the door and Richard turned and saw me, he was more than puzzled and speechless! I quickly explained, “Richard, I have a carload of Texas women who want to meet you.” He immediately replied, “I like Texas women,” and followed me outside. As the women came out of the SUV, Richard said, “I bet y’all are school teachers.” (I guess we have a look).

As he chewed on his unlit cigar (his trademark), he shook each hand and asked each name, making each feel special. He told about places he had played in Texas and shared names of towns and artists they all knew. When it was time to take pictures, we lined up against the brick wall, and Richard called TJ Lyle (Georgia Thunderbolts lead singer) outside to take them. I wanted my picture made with TJ, too!

Then Richard said, “Now, you all can come in and I’ll play you a cut off the newest record coming out by the Thunderbolts, but then you gotta get out of here and let me work. We have to have this mixed by three in the morning.” We filed in behind him like little chicks, and Richard introduced us to David. The cut was terrific, as the album will be, and then he escorted us to our vehicle. Mary (Beth’s mom) gave him a container of homemade pralines she had brought from Texas. They left for Somerset that night and I went home after a whirlwind few hours.

At the Pumpkin Festival, Cindy Young and I talked about the event. She said, “Richard brought home that candy and we ate so much we had to stop. I hid it from him, but the first thing the next morning he wanted to know what I had done with it.”

A little sugar goes a long way in forgiving intruders!

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