As you know by now, we have a resident raccoon. What you haven’t read is that we have two! HAD two. A good friend and his children set a trap for the first one, which the raccoon (we named Robbie), moved it six feet, ate the honey bun, and left the door down. How that happened is speculation. He certainly was not small enough to squeeze through the trap door. A Houdini raccoon.

So, we go back to a new honey bun and a second attempt. BINGO, the large raccoon edged into the cage after the honey bun, and the lid went down. Success! As I watched him struggling to escape, I felt sorry for the creature. He was only trying to find food. Like life, sometimes we stick our noses where they doesn’t belong, and the trap falls. That is how I thought of the masked man. Our friends took the raccoon to somewhere on Mosby Ridge, and he is now part of the wild.

The following night we were smug in our relief that the birds would have their feed without the intruder climbing the pole and knocking down their seeds. Guy flipped on the outside light to check out the deck (we have a habit of that) and looking him straight in the eyes was a raccoon. “Come look at this,” he shouted. The fellow sat, fixated on the window where we were, and only when I opened the door did he dash away. Could Robbie have found his way home? I called our friends and they returned with the cage and the honey bun. We waited.

This raccoon was smart. He pawed at the honey bun from the outside of the cage and nibbled until he had eaten around the sides. Guy threatened to get his gun (I think he’s dying to shoot something), but I wasn’t in favor of a killing.

“Give him time. If he eats all of it, nibble by nibble, we have an extra.”

Within the hour Guy switched on the outside light again and BINGO, the raccoon was in the cage. Our friends picked it up early and off it went to Mosby Ridge to a fellow who wants him.

My favorite quote about the saga of my raccoon came from a fellow teacher friend. He said, “Look, he’s social distancing and wearing a mask so leave him alone.” I might take his advice after I unload the gun.

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