Some activities that were once very important to me now have little meaning.

I was thinking about how my interests have evolved over time. One change that Guy never thought would happen is my lack of interest in shopping. Until I reached my 50s, shopping was a hobby. My purse was on my shoulder when someone said, “Let’s go to the mall.”

At one time, I could point to the location of every bathroom in any familiar mall, whether in Louisville, Nashville, Bowling Green or outlet malls all the way near Indianapolis or as far away as Gatlinburg. On trips to Texas, I twitched as we neared two of the main outlet malls.

In Florida, I watched for signs. When traveling with Guy on business trips, I located shopping areas whether in Atlanta, Las Vegas or Bloomington, Minnesota (the famous Mall of America). Guy insisted that he couldn’t control the vehicle as we neared a mall or an outlet.

“The wheels turn in that direction.”

Now, I have no interest in shopping. If I need something, I order online.

At one time, I loved going to fabric stores. Nothing thrilled me like rows and rows of fabric waiting for a design. Once, I sewed almost every night, making clothes for myself or Carla when she was young. Nearly all of my curtains in the early years came straight from my own hands. There wasn’t a fabric store in the area that I didn’t know, whether in Temple Hill or in a section of Barren County in a lady’s home (I didn’t know where I was) or the larger chains.

In my basement now is an unused sewing room, complete with a Serger. The fun of sewing left me.

I once loved redecorating – changing the placement of my furniture, painting walls, replacing throw rugs, bedspreads, taking down curtains and putting up blinds, and adding different touches. My house has looked the same for the last five years. When I was growing up, my father once said that he never knew which side of the room he’d find the couch. My mother gave me free rein to move around anything that would move.

Now, I don’t have any interest in changing.

My lack of interest in going “all out” decorating for Christmas has puzzled my daughter. I never thought I would lose interest in putting up three or four trees, decorating every room to the hilt, placing wreaths on every door, displaying Christmas plates and table arrangements in eating areas, and stringing lights in the front and the back of the house, including shrubs.

Last year, we put a skinny tree in a corner (not even in front of the window), decorated the mantle, and a few other things and that was it.

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