Dear Editor,

Excuse me for my candor today. There are two churches in the Glasgow area that are simply the best any pastor would be proud to serve. On Dec. 21, Faith and East Main United Methodist churches came together with the children and youth from their two churches, plus South Side Baptist Church, and put on an excellent Christmas program. Their spirit of cooperation, preparation and ecumenism was gratifying to see.

We can certainly learn much from our children and youth. You could see it on their faces, their enthusiasm of playing their parts in drama, playing hand bells, singing, reading the Scriptures and getting all the scenes put together with the help of their teachers. Well, it all just came together in harmony, excitement and opened up our hearts to receive the spirit of Christmas.

These two churches, Faith and East Main have been cooperating together on their Wednesday night services for more than a year now, meeting each Wednesday night at 6:30 at East Main giving them a time to express their faith, participate in activities and have fun. The hand bells and drama introduced to them from Faith has helped solidify this partnership between both churches.

But none of this could have come together if parents and grandparents didn’t bring your children and grandchildren and trust them with us. To you, we say a very big “thank you!” None of this would have taken place unless dedicated teachers who love Jesus and children were willing to sacrifice and give of their time and faith. To you, we offer our prayers and thanks! And many, many thanks and praise to the One who came long ago and we await His Coming again, Jesus! Thank you that you are the real reason we celebrate!

Brother Bob Cooper


Faith and East Main United Methodist churches

Dear Editor,

An ode to my children and grandchildren:

Stimulus money showering down

Like a pretty falling of leaves

Endlessly ‘tis given to you

To do with what you please.

So stick your hand out to Uncle Sam

Grab every dime you can

‘Tis free from D.C.’s money tree

Find one if you can.

A toll in future will have to be paid

There is no money tree

Ask not who’ll pay this toll

This toll will be paid by thee.

Bob Morrison


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