The failure of Kentucky lawmakers to reform small-business tax policies has put a crimp in Glasgow’s wooing of a call center.

However, the community is not out of the running.

Industrial Economic Development Authority director Scott Luth said last week that the government’s dropping of the ball won’t deter the pursuit of the call center or future businesses offering wages along the $7 to $9 pay scale.

Luth is also hopeful that Gov. Ernie Fletcher might address the business tax in a special session, which would help exponentially in landing the company.

Although some might balk at the thought of a call center in the community, the business would be comprised of support staff, not sales. Others might even say the wages might not be worth the tax breaks the company would receive.

We disagree.

Analysis by IDEA and other agencies showed that during a six-month period at Wal-Mart and T.J. Samson Community Hospital, about 2,800 people applied for jobs.

Luth identifies that gap in the labor force as workers from families needing a second income or others looking for jobs not manufacturing related.

With inflation and the price of necessities such as gasoline on the rise, more and more families will have to explore the job market for opportunities such as the call center would provide.

Such a facility would also be perfect for those attending college who need a part-time job in order to attend classes, but who can’t afford tuition while working a minimum-wage job.

Even if the venture falls through, Luth said IDEA will continue to recruit companies offering similar pay scales to fill that gap in the labor force.

He emphasized, however, that IDEA will continue to entice manufacturing companies, as well it should. Taking the time to recruit smaller-scale operations at the same time is a wise move.

Although automotive industry cutbacks understandably have the area on edge, we have the utmost confidence that the proper steps are being taken to not only keep the community strong economically, but diversify the opportunities available to the work force.

That is a good IDEA.


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