It has been said by many regarding the hurricane-battered Gulf, “There is plenty of blame to go around.”

There is no doubt this is true, and if there is not plenty, the bureaucrats who have nothing better to do than spend time and money on hearings will create some additional blame and tell us where to place it.

During the early part of the current hearing on what went wrong in the response to Hurricane Katrina, former FEMA Director Michael Brown said, “My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional.”

While there is little doubt many mistakes were made by local and state governments before and after the storm, the name-calling and blame game will not help even one person rebuild their home or business.

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, appearing Wednesday before the same committee as Brown, declined to cast stones at Brown.

Blanco told the committee that the two hurricanes had “knocked us down but they did not knock us out.”

“We are looking forward, not backward,” Blanco said.

No matter the mistakes Blanco and other state and local leaders might have made, if the attitude of her remarks is reflected in her actions, Blanco should be applauded for her positive attitude and leadership and surely we will see a better New Orleans and Louisiana rise from this disaster.


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