Kudos to Barren County’s magistrates for adopting first reading of an ordinance this week to require every garbage hauler in Barren County to take their loads to the Glasgow Landfill.

Barren County has a long-standing agreement with the city to use the landfill and while most legitimate haul operators have been diligent in using it, some few violators have not.

Elsewhere in today’s edition you’ll find the monthly newsletter from the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce, the April edition of “Chamber Chatter” that contains information on the recent Spring Cleanup Week.

In that report, you’ll note that over 182 tons of trash were collected in Glasgow and Barren County during the week of March 20-24. What couldn’t be recycled went into the landfill.

Hiseville Lions Club won first place for spending 25 hours cleaning up a 3.5 mile stretch along Crawford and Parrish roads and Sexton Lane from Park Road to Blue Spring Creek. The club received a $150 prize from the Chamber’s Environmental Awareness Committee, which co-sponsored the cleanup effort.

Many can remember the days when much of that trash would have ended up in roadside dumps or in a sink hole on someone’s private property, eventually having a chance of getting into the area’s water supply.

We offer congratulations and thanks to all those involved in the cleanup effort.

At the same time, we must remain vigilant. Trash is a continuing problem. There is still illegal dumping and those who simply rid themselves of trash by rolling down a car window and giving it a toss.

A community is judged by its appearance. It takes pride to keep a community clean and we know this community has what it takes.


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