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Jimmy Lowe

Hello, granddaughter,

I’m a little disappointed. No, I’m not disappointed in you. You’ve never been a disappointment to me, dear child. Rather, the source of my present disappointment is that May has come, but we aren’t going.

You remember our plans. Last summer, months before we ever heard of Covid-19, Grandmommie and I invited you to pick a place. During the past few years, your older cousins had chosen destinations, and we had traveled there with them. It was to be your turn during your 13th spring.

You chose New York City. We booked accommodations and purchased airline tickets. During your Christmas break from school, we planned an itinerary of attractions. We were to be in New York following the conclusion of your school year this May.

Then in early March we began to wonder about May. Come April, we knew about May. Now here we are, and there we won’t be. Our rather simple, safe and secure lives have been challenged. Yep, it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Grandfathers are supposed to be old and wise. At least, I’m old. When it comes to this pandemic, we’re about equally wise, Granddaughter. The situation is a first-time experience for both of us. We’re dealing with this world-wide crisis together and learning as we make our way through.

We’ve both learned May isn’t quite the same this year. The Run for the Roses in Louisville was cancelled for this month. Changes have been made for when and how school graduations will be observed. Baseball schedules, Mother’s Day gatherings and so much more that May usually brings will not be on the month’s schedule this time around.

Even though we’ve endured difficult moments, there have been wonderful times, as well. In the mix with disappointments have come blessings.

For many families, a quarantined living arrangement has provided unexpected opportunities for special attention. Some of our friends spent their afternoon hours planting a bigger-than-average family garden. One of your cousins took her kitten with her to school – at least, she let the pet sleep in her lap as she studied and worked online from home. There’ve been a variety of pleasant homebound activities to enjoy during this health crisis.

Have you become even closer to your mom and dad and sister? Just as you’ve realized a greater importance for frequent and complete washing of your hands, you have also realized a greater importance for your family ties.

As you’ve observed the world around you during the last several weeks, I hope you’ve gained new respect for health care workers who have tirelessly remained on duty; for teachers who have continued to teach from their homes through electronic connections; for those who have kept groceries on the shelves; for those who have kept the mail going; for church leaders who have provided live-streaming and other alternatives for church services; for neighbors who have carefully checked on one another; for all who have helped us better survive during these difficult days.

While I can’t tell you exactly what the summer and beyond will bring us, I have faith our condition will soon be better. I have faith that our self-quarantining and social distancing will soon be a memory of our past, rather than a practice in our future. Just as the horses will eventually make their Run for the Roses, I have faith, Granddaughter, you’ll eventually get to make that promised trip with Grandmommie and I. Sometime while you’re still a teenager, I hope.

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