Fundraiser supporters thanked for efforts

The officers and directors of the Walter Davis Freedom Center and Veterans Memorial Park would like to thank everyone who donated items to the fundraiser at Freedom.

We appreciate the participation of the local merchants, neighbors and friends. Many thanks also to The Kentucky Gentlemen for the entertainment.

Ruby Cockerham


Wisconsin family sings praises of area

I just wanted to send a note sharing with you my thoughts on the incredible hospitality and kindness bestowed on my family and I while visiting in your neighborhood on vacation this past week.

While driving from the Barren River Lake State Park to Mammoth Cave our family van began the ever enjoyable process of breaking down. We stopped at the Advance Auto Parts store were Ron came out, took a look under the hood and suggested we drive over to Jeff Lee’s Auto Repair. We arrived right before they were to close for lunch, but both Jeremy and Jerry came out, took a look and explained that the air compressor was shot.

As soon as they returned from lunch, Jerry had our van on the rack and was able to at least make the repairs necessary to keep us going on our vacation. We were still able to tour the cave that afternoon and continue from there on the rest of our trip around Kentucky and back home again. It would have been easy to put us off or to take advantage of some strange out of towners. It is people like these fine folks that will have us coming back to Kentucky again.

On behalf of my family, I want to extend a most sincere thank you. It is wonderful to know that there are still places in America like Glasgow and people who don’t mind going a bit out of their way to help out, even a stranger, when they can.

Peter and Diane VandeWalle

Green Bay, Wis.

Writer urges county to support Cave City

We as Barren Countians have read the Glasgow Daily Times coverage of the melee of problems our fellow city of Cave City has been enduring over the years from certain members of their own community.

We have witnessed the mockery that this fellow city has had to endure through this trying time.

We have probably seen some move away from the Cave City area and some may still leave depending on the outcome of this situation on the Cave City Council.

There are some upstanding leaders in Cave City, but they need help from our county in general. By support from the Barren County political leaders to each citizen speaking up on behalf of Cave City. And by funding from our county to the city of Cave City, to aid the police department in getting the much needed accreditation it needs to maintain more reasonable insurance premiums and many other needed supplies and equipment to help them more efficiently serve their public.

I had the opportunity to have dinner with Mayor Bob Hunt and others who are supporters of the current elected officials in Cave City recently. I asked Bob, “What do you and your city need the most at this point?” and “What can I help you do?”

He told me that his city needs funding for the accreditation of the Cave City Police Force. I believe this would cost approximately $2,000. Mr. Hunt could give you the exact figures, I’m sure. Without the accreditation, the city’s insurance premiums would go up, costing the city even more cash flow that is not available.

He also said to please write letters to our county officials asking for help in ending the crisis on the Cave City Council, help to achieve what is the best for Cave City.

Does our county have an extra $2,000 somewhere in the budget of Barren County that they could grant to Cave City to pay for accreditation this year? Officials of Barren County, please, look into this and if at all possible, please grant this money to Cave City to help its police force.

Cave City was established approximately 150 years ago. It does not need to be abolished over pettiness and hunger of power. Please, Barren Countians, and county officials alike, do something to help Cave City. They need it and they deserve it. You can show support by doing things such as writing letters such as this one, or to our county's leaders, or to local and national newspapers, radio and television media.

Cave City is the gateway to one of God’s natural wonders; Mammoth Cave National Park, please do not allow the gateway to wither away.

Missy Staples



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