– Parents should be told of a minor’s abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a challenge to New Hampshire’s 48 hour parental notification law, correctly reaffirmed (9-0) in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, that states can require parental involvement in minors’ abortion decisions.

Though the court remanded the case to the lower courts for further review, it is clear from the opinion that: state restrictions need only provide an exception to protect the mother’s health, and states now have new ammunition in defending restrictions on the abortion procedure. Hopefully, the lower courts will see “the handwriting on the wall” and allow New Hampshire and the other 43 states to protect their minor citizens.

The court’s opinion is great news to those of us who want to see a curtailing of the use of abortion as a form of belated contraception, particularly where minor children are concerned.

Legally, these minors are viewed as lacking consent, and laws abound that obligate parents (and penalize them for failing) to provide for their care. So why would any lower courts, now overruled by the Supreme Court, view minors as mere bystanders in a decision that could radically change the lives of their minor children, if not for a predisposition to sanctioning abortions?

The court’s opinion is also vindicating for those of us who believe Roe v. Wade federalized what was essentially a states’ rights issue, and made it the law of the land.

Whether or not one believes that minors lack consent for abortions or that abortion right is an issue for the peoples’ elected state representatives to decide, is it not shocking that anyone would deny a parent the right to know that their minor child is seeking an abortion?

Osi Onyekwuluje

Bowling Green

– Taking flowers is low

I am writing this letter to the person who is stealing flowers from Glasgow Cemetery.

Last week I went to my father’s grave and his flowers were gone. Today my husband’s stepmother’s flowers were gone.

To me this is about as low as you can go, stealing from the dead. We buy flowers out of respect for our loved ones. I pray for you, because I wouldn’t want to answer for stealing from the dead on judgment day.

Carolyn Sherfey


– Cave City thanks supporters of chili supper/auction

On behalf of the Cave City Fire Department and Auxiliary, we would like to thank everyone for their support and donations for our annual Chili Supper/ Silent Auction that took place on March 22, at the Cave City Christian Church.

We all had a good time and it turned out to be a great success. We are very appreciative of everyone who helped this event to come together.

Debbie Moulder, president

Cave City Fire Department Auxiliary


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