A few days ago my family and I were dining at a local Glasgow restaurant when a prominent Glasgow businessman approached our table with an unusual question. His question was, “Do you, as the Superintendent, have any discretionary fund which you could use for some worthwhile school project which might come up during the school year? This would be a project or a need which had not been anticipated nor included in the annual district budget.”

I replied that we maintained a contingency fund which the Kentucky Department of Education requires we keep in the event that a roof starts leaking unexpectedly, a boiler stops working, etc.

The businessman’s next question was even more interesting. It was, “Do you control that fund or is it controlled by the Board of Education?” My reply was that while I made recommendations to the Board regarding expenditures, the Board ultimately decided whether or not to expend the funds. Following these initial questions, the gentleman then told me that he donates money each year to the “President’s Club” at the university where he graduated because he supported the mission of the university and trusted and expected the President to use “President’s Club” funding wisely. He further stated that as a Glasgow High School graduate he supports the mission of the Glasgow Independent School System and wished to initiate a similar type of financial support through a proposed “Superintendent’s Club.” He concluded by saying that he and his wife would donate $1,500 within the next week to initiate such a club and that he trusted and expected the Superintendent to use the “Superintendent’s Club” funding wisely. Although this generous couple wishes to remain anonymous, they indicated that they hoped other community leaders would follow their example and place additional contributions in this fund.

I would like to remind everyone that there are basically three ways to make tax deductible donations to the Glasgow Independent School System. The first is the choice of the Glasgow businessman as described previously. He simply wrote a check to the Glasgow Independent School system and designated it as a donation to the “Superintendent’s Club.” A second method could include a check, cash, or other donations to the Glasgow Education Foundation in care of Mr. Eldon Smith. Third, donations could be made to the Glasgow High School Alumni Association in support of their various projects.

Regardless of the method of giving or the size of the gift, please know that school officials and Glasgow board members are very appreciative of the obvious support for education exhibited so frequently by this entire Glasgow and Barren County community.

By working together to provide our children, our grandchildren, and our neighbor’s children a quality educational experience, we are helping to ensure that Glasgow continues to be the best place in the world to live and raise a family.

With sincere appreciation,

Dr. Fred P. Carter, Superintendent

Glasgow Independent

School System


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