Good grief, here we go again

Dear Editor:

Please, Glasgow! Enough is enough! How long can people continue to cause discontent in our community as they work against the employees and leadership of the EPB? What is happening to our town and to its people?

I myself have lived here all of my 75-plus years here, and Judy and I have spent our entire 47 years together in Glasgow living, working, raising our children here and being glad we did. Glasgow is full of good, kind, loving, generous people. Yet on Tuesday, May 5, we were upset, saddened, and even depressed with the actions taken by three members of the EPB board and their counsel. Good grief, here we go again. Except this time it feels like we have fallen to a new low. It is time to stand up to the constant bullying and divisiveness that threatens our community and the EPB!

Glasgow has always been blessed, and is still blessed, by the hard work and integrity of all the employees of the Electric Plant Board. We seem to forget about all the good things our community has been able to accomplish because of the many innovations the EPB has developed and achieved. We seem to forget that when storms hit and our power goes out, it is not us that goes out into horrible weather, finds out why and fixes the problem. We seem to forget that when a citizens committee made recommendations to the EBP for modifications to the new infotricity rate, they adopted them. We seem to forget that the EPB developed an alternative rate for any customer who does not want to be charged for a peak demand charge. We seem to forget that EPB has had a way for years to pay a little more each month to help those less fortunate; something that only a small number of people have seen fit to do. Billy Ray has dedicated himself to our community and to making it a better place for everyone. He provides exemplary leadership and knowledge as superintendent of EPB, and he is backed by an outstanding group of devoted, dedicated, honest, professional and hard-working fellow employees. They are there for us when things go smoothly, and they have remained with us in these turbulent times these past few years.

We believe it is time to put this anti-EPB/anti-Billy Ray agenda where it belongs – in the trash! It is time for those of us who have just remained silent and hope things would work out OK, to come together and support our EPB and Billy Ray. It is time to once again become the Glasgow we are capable of being.

Thank you,

Joe Burton and Judy Downing, Glasgow

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