It seems the older I get, the less I know about anything. All the things I was taught and the values that were drilled into me don’t seem to matter anymore. Welcome to the new world, I suppose. I wish I could see the light, but as the old saying goes, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

For instance, I was on the board of directors at Keeneland for 32 years and read in the paper where good ole traditional and down-home Keeneland had entered into a partnership with Harrahs and G-Tech of Las Vegas to purchase Turfway Park.

We board members were not even told about this until after it happened. The leader of Keeneland had previously spoken out about “the mythical armada of gambling boats cruising down the Ohio River.” Then suddenly, he had an epiphany, and so as not to miss the boat, plunged Keeneland headlong into partnership with two of America’s leading gambling entities. I resigned from his board.

Recently a former governor of Kentucky started an organization called KEEP. The mission statement and purpose was purportedly to educate the people of Kentucky about the thoroughbred industry … ha ha ha. Nothing more need be said about KEEP.

So, once again, organized gambling is knocking on the door of our Old Kentucky Home. The former governor who started KEEP wants to let them in. Dear old Keeneland is poised and ready to greet them with open arms, and our current governor says he's not for it, although he will not oppose it. Ahh, this brave new world!

While discussing all of this with a friend of mine, he said, “big money has a way of getting what it wants.” Well, then so be it, but to some of us there are more precious things in this life than money. The question remains … Is our Old Kentucky Home for sale? We shall see.


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