I don’t believe that the news cartoonist who poked fun at the Prophet Muhammad of the Muslin religion meant any real harm. But, I don’t believe that there should ever be any comment or remark degrading another person’s religion.

I’m a Christian, a believer in God as Father, Jesus as Son, and the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of God. I would not appreciate anyone making fun of the Trinity, and whether a person is a Christian or Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew, or whatever, they have a right to worship the god of their choice. Even though you do not agree with other religious organizations, it does not give you the right to condemn them.

I would hope that the Muslim people will forgive the ignorance of the people that drew the cartoon. You just have to look over some people.

Some people just don’t understand that other people have feelings, regardless of who they are, or what part of the world they live in, they are still people and have a right to exist, to live and to enjoy their lifestyle, whether they be black, red, white, yellow or whatever. Let us be kind and tolerant of others. We are all made in the image of God.


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