Savvy financial responsibility has put Glasgow Independent Schools in a position to begin high school renovations much sooner than anticipated.

We applaud that.

The high school is in dire need of several improvements that will better the environment for teachers and students alike. Only by providing a positive, safe, comfortable learning atmosphere will students and faculty be able to draw the maximum out of time spent in classrooms.

Glasgow Superintendent Dr. Fred Carter and the board of education has shown a commitment to providing a top-notch education to the city’s students.

Even more impressive is the fact they’ve accomplished this — and the budget surplus — without levying a tax on utilities as many schools did beginning in the early 1990s.

Glasgow and Caverna schools have missed out on the funding that others have enjoyed, but Carter promises to continue lobbying the General Assembly for the money.

Normally, we oppose the levying of school taxes without a call from the voters. However, Glasgow and Caverna have gone without a tax others have enjoyed for years.

For that reason alone, the school system should be due to receive some help, especially considering the way its handled its finances to date.

The school system deserves the chance to be on a level playing field monetarily with other schools and the students and faculty deserve a top-notch learning environment.


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