Protect and serve.

The police officers’ motto stands as true for their own as it does those they protect.

It’s an admirable and understandable trait considering that officers put their lives on the line daily to ensure the public’s safety.

That’s why we know how severe the charges must have been against Officer Sidney Bailey to have prompted a disciplinary hearing before the Glasgow Common Council.

That’s also why we’re curious as to how the council could find Bailey guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer, violating department policy for contact with undesirable characters and interfering with a police investigation, yet innocent of violating the department’s code of conduct.

Exactly what would an officer have to do to be guilty of such an infraction?

How can interfering with a police officer’s investigation not be a breach of the department’s code of conduct?

We understand that some personnel issues are sensitive enough to be discussed behind closed doors, but the citizens of Glasgow should be able to have the utmost confidence in those sworn to protect them.

Should they be expected to do that when one of the department’s own says that Bailey put several people in danger?

We’re not calling for the termination of Bailey, who Chief Gary Bewley said would be welcomed back to the force after his two-month suspension. However, we would like to know the council’s reasoning in coming to its verdict.

With this issue affecting everyone in Glasgow, we also believe it may have been prudent to reschedule the hearing until it could have been heard by the full council — member Tim Stutler was on a mission in Africa, Jimmy Ferrell had a sickness in the family and Jeanie Scalise was out of town on personal business.

Although we certainly would like to know how the council could find Bailey guilty of four of six charges and still not the code of conduct, we sincerely hope that the officer can regain the trust of not only the citizens of Glasgow, but of his brothers in arms who may be forced to put their lives in his hands at any moment.

We encourage all involved in this case to be forthcoming and honest if confronted by a concerned citizen.

Only with assured integrity will citizens of Glasgow feel protected and served in the manner to which they have grown accustomed.


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