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Ally, our 10-year-old grandchild, asked what the notepad on my desk was for. I told her it was where I listed subjects for newspaper columns I plan to write. She picked it up and thumbed through its mostly blank pages.

After she left our house, I found she had written in the notepad. Printed in bold letters on the front page was “Why is Ally so Awesome?”

Why not use her suggestion? Rather than limit my explanation of her awesomeness, though, I’m including all of our grandchildren—those older and those younger than this middle granddaughter.

They’ve studied the acrostic method of definition in schools, so they’ll understand why I’ve presented my thoughts in the following manner....

Always. I’m always glad to have ‘em around. They always have contagious smiles and laughter, and I’m happy to become infected from their presence.

Wonderment. Their wonderment is often expressed as they make new experiences. It’s refreshing to see the wonder in their eyes when they first discover something. Sometimes I vicariously reunite with that long-lost wonderment from my childhood by empathizing with them.

Energy. Their energy challenges and inspires me. When I’m with them, I forget about the slowness of my old body and achieve an accelerated pace I otherwise might not possess. Their energy brings joy and enthusiasm to the activities we share.

Silly. Sometimes silliness counteracts too much seriousness. Life needs a balance of emotions and approaches, and our grandchildren exhibit them all. They never stifle their feelings. They have a way of offering me just the right amount of silly to keep me from being bogged down in too much of the serious stuff.

Original. The originality of each grandchild sometimes makes me question how they belong in the same family. Among our grandchildren we have a pint-sized philosopher, a gymnast, a magician, a baseball pitcher and others — each one of ‘em original, and each one of ‘em awesome.

Memories. The memories we’re making fills our minds and will be pleasant to recall from time to time in future years. Some of those memories are being taken from extraordinary experiences shared with the grandchildren. Most of the memories, though, are being created in the ordinary moments of the daily lives we share.

Excuse. An excuse for me to enjoy a cartoon movie like “Madagascar” is provided by taking our grandchildren to the cinema. Once there, I delight in the antics on the screen as much as the youngsters who’ve accompanied me.

The letters have emptied before my list of reasons is complete. Then again, no list could ever completely explain why grandparents feel their second generation of young’uns are so incredibly awesome.

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