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School’s out for the summer, and lots of kids seem happy about that. Some of their grandparents are probably happy, too.

Our youngest grandchild spent a couple of days with us this week. The little gal, who just finished a year of kindergarten, talked with her grandmommie about important topics like school and summer vacation.

These questions came from the older lady, and the answers came from the younger one.

“Would you rather be in school, or out for the summer?”

“Now, you know what I’m going to say.”

“Well, what are you looking forward to during your summer break?”

“Swimming in the swim pool at the swimming pool place. An’ I’m gonna see Mickey Mouse at Disneyworld. He’s nice and sweet, and I’ll hug him. Then I’ll go see Chip and Dale. We’ll sleep in a hotel.”

“What will you do when you are at home?”

“Play house with my dad. He has to be the baby.”

“What else?”

“Jump on the trampoline at Nana and Papa’s.”

“What will you do when you come see us?”

“Look at the apple tree and watch the apples grow so we can pick them and cook them.”

“Then it won’t be long till the summer is gone and time for school to open again. Do you expect first grade to be different from kindergarten?”


“How will it be different?”

“The walls are blue.”

“Do you think the first grade will be harder or easier than last year?”

“Harder, ‘cause I already know all the easy stuff.”

“Several of us in your family are teachers—your mom and dad, your aunt, your uncle, your granddaddy and grandmommie. Would you like to be a teacher someday?”


“Why not?”

“’Cause the big kids are so tall. It’s hard to be a teacher. You have to stay at school all the time and teach and teach and teach.”

“What would you rather do?”

“I’d rather be a babysitter ‘cause you get to pick up babies and play with them all day long.”

I thought about adding, “And the babies aren’t so tall to be intimidating,” but I kept out of the conversation and simply copied down what they said.

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