“It is a Republic if we can keep it.”

Those immortal words uttered so many years ago, have guided our nation through many perils. Two World Wars; a Great Civil War; and numerous foreign conflicts. Through Civil Rights and Women’s Rights; The Great Depression and voter suppression.

I doubt our founders could have imagined the perils our country has faced, but, I believe many of them accurately predicted the state we find ourselves in today. A cold war with ourselves. Political parties that no longer respect the will of the people, families torn apart by generational diversity, legislators who think the politics of personal destruction is a legitimate campaign tool.

With all the perils stacked against our nation, who could have imagined that a new, even more deadly demon would emerge, with the innocuous initials of TDS. “Trump Derangement Syndrome” poses the possibility to destroy our republic, where other perils have failed.

Many will advance the theory that TDS was inevitable given the election of Donald John Trump, the 45th, elected president of this republic. While this may be half true, the roots of TDS run much deeper. Donald Trump is just the personification of TDS. The real culprit is a cultural divide that has infected our nation, and come to fruition with the swearing in of Donald Trump. It is an unbridled hatred of those who have a different vision for our nation. It is the rancid vitriol against, blue collar workers, labor unions, farmers, the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution, and a slower pace of life in the heartland of America. The cultural elites of Hollywood, and socialites of New York, and their minions, who insist that those in the flyover states, bow and kiss their ring.

To be sure, neither political party is snow white. President Trump and others in his party have contributed to the ill will in our country. The petty calling of names of political rivals, innuendos and half truths, and yes, outright lies have all contributed to the festering of the Trump Derangement Syndrome which is nearing pandemic proportions. A complicit media, no longer a check or balance on the two political parties, is instead an un-indicted co-conspirator, and, while TDS is the flavor of the season, a new, and perhaps even more deadly syndrome could emerge with the 2020 election, unless we recognize and take action now.

I wish I had the answer, a solution for our nation, but, I do not. I cannot support higher taxes, open borders, endless foreign conflicts, attacks on our First and Second Amendment rights, late term abortions, and TDS.

We must all get along. In the 2016 election, Donald Trump, with all of his many, many, faults, apparently offered more to the American people than Hillary Clinton. America spoke. It is high time that the cultural elites recognize that Middle America is just as vital to our republic as award shows, Broadway, and professional athletes. If not, I envision more and more Americans becoming more and more disillusioned with the direction our country is headed.

With little middle ground for the two parties to gravitate toward, I see little hope for the reunification of our nation, in the near future. It is high time that Democrats and Republicans alike, understand, that it is not “we the Democrats”, or “we the Republicans”, who have all the answers, but rather, we the people, must work together, because we are “Americans”.

It is time we recognize that together we stand, divided we fall. Respect the results of the election, work for the common good of our country. As our founders uttered, it is “A Republic if we can keep it”, and the way we are headed, the future is bleak indeed.

Hogan Jr. is a Park City resident.

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