... to Ms. Paula Ratliff Pedigo for her great article in the Feb. 6 newspaper. She hit the nail straight on the head! The Democrats absolutely need to put someone else in as Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi is neither qualified or worthy of this position.

-Sandra Jolly, Glasgow

... to Glasgow’s Ronnie Ellis for being selected for the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame.

-Glasgow Daily Times

... to our local elementary schools for performing so well during Saturday’s District Governor’s Cup competition.


... to TVA and the Glasgow Electric Plant Board for their donations to worthy community projects. This week, Red Cross Elementary received a $5,000 grant from TVA to fund the purchase of robotic kits and iPads to use in the school’s STEM lab. The GEPB is making a commitment to donate $4,500 per month to the Community Relief Fund for a year — money that will come from a rebate awarded to the utility for signing a 20-year contract with TVA.

-GDT Editor Daniel Suddeath


... to Nancy Pelosi for the childish, immature, stupid, ridiculous way that she behaved at the State of the Union speech. She had already damaged her reputation in the last three years by the way she has acted toward the President but last Tuesday night she completely demolished what was left of it!

-Sandra Jolly, Glasgow

... double jeers to every member of the Democratic Congress who failed to stand up for the 100-year-old African American Tuskegee solider. This man — and all our soldiers — deserved all people’s honor honor and respect — no matter what party you are. If it weren’t for their service for our own country the Democrats wouldn’t have the freedoms they have — even if it’s to act like a child like they did that night, which was deplorable and disgraceful.

-Sandra Jolly, Glasgow

... to not being able to see the forest through the trees. We all know our community is struggling, but some don’t want to take any action to do anything about it. We don’t even seem to have the collective will to build a downtown park(with a large sum of the money coming from private donations) to boost our community. Do we believe that our problems will magically fix themselves?

-GDT Editor Daniel Suddeath

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