Pretty is as pretty does. We have heard this adage and know the truth in it. A beautiful girl can turn ugly fast if she is full of herself, rude or behaves inappropriately. The same is true with men. This brings me to the topic of today. “The Bachelorette.” That naughty, vulgar, sickening and crude TV show that more people watch than make up the population of Kentucky has turned into one of the highest grossing TV shows in ABC’s history. Those viewers, including men, are members of the Bachelor Nation. I am one of those people who started years ago when the bachelorette did not kiss every stranger as soon as he stepped foot out of a car or embrace every stranger who smiled at her. With each new season, the behavior of the bachelor or the bachelorette becomes more and more “R rated.”

As a closet viewer (because I don’t have a single close friend who watches this show and they think I have lost my mind for doing so), I had high hopes for this season. A Southern Belle with a sweet little girl accent, big smile and innocent appeal might change the atmosphere of the show and bring it back to a fairly decent program. Notice I say “fairly” because exposing a person’s lips to so many total strangers is not exactly decent in these parts! She has kissed more men than most of us have kissed in a lifetime. She was a beauty queen, a charmer, a girl sought after, but had not found love. I think I know why. Pretty is as pretty does.

There is a lesson for young girls buried in this article. Be respectful of yourself and others. First, she wasted no time becoming overly affectionate with the guys. Even if the producers had staged this and paid her double for acting in such a way, how could she forget the people from her hometown and her parents who were watching? Most daughters would be ashamed to act this way especially in front of their fathers. Next, she not only went too far with her affection, but she also put the men in harm’s way to test their “manhood and strength.” Not every guy wants to put on a kilt and wrestle someone to the ground. Not every guy wants to play rugby. I felt sorry for them. The rougher they were, the better she liked them. A man who can lift a semi-truck tire wouldn’t necessarily be a good husband.

Watching this show is like reading a romance novel except the novel usually ends with a “happily ever after.” (The ones who criticize this show probably have a stack of those romance novels on their nightstand.) The percentage of those who become “engaged” seldom make it to the altar. After all, this is just a show; a well-scripted show with the good guys and the bad guys.

I have promised not to watch another season after I finish this one!