A Barren County grand jury declined this week to indict a woman who shot and killed her son-in-law on Nov. 30 at her home along Peters Creek Road. 

Mark Adam Bellamy, 29, of Park City was pronounced dead at the scene after authorities found him with a single gunshot wound. His mother-in-law, Tracy Wyatt, shot Bellamy following a family dispute at the residence, according to the Barren County Sheriff's Office.  

According to a news release from Commonwealth's Attorney John Gardner, the case was presented to a Barren County grand jury Tuesday following a "thorough" investigation by the BCSO. 

"The Grand Jury heard the evidence gathered in the case, and jurors were advised of the homicide laws; as well as the laws regarding self-defense, defense of others and defense of a residence," the news release states. 

After deliberating, the grand jury returned a no true bill. 

"There are currently no plans to present this case to another Grand Jury, but it may be presented in the future if there are any new developments or evidence discovered in the case," the news release states. 

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