It has been determined that straight-line winds destroyed this home in the Center Point community of Monroe County on Saturday when a line of severe storms passed through Kentucky and surrounding states.

GLASGOW – With at least two tornado strikes elsewhere in Kentucky over the weekend already confirmed, a storm survey team from the National Weather Service in Louisville was checking out a property in Monroe County on Monday to determine the cause of major damage there.

Overall, though, Barren, Metcalfe and Monroe counties were quite lucky, said Gary Francher, Kentucky Emergency Management Area 3 manager. Those three counties are among the 12 in his area.

“We were really fortunate, as bad as the wind was, that we didn't receive more damage,” he said.

Scattered power outages occurred and a lot of trees were downed, with fire departments, rescue squads and others out helping to get them cut and cleared, particularly from roadways. He said the only report of a tree coming down on a home that he got was from the Smiths Grove vicinity.

In the Center Point community of Monroe County, however, one home was completely destroyed. That's the property the NWS was surveying to see whether the culprit was a tornado or straight-line winds, he said. No update had been posted on the NWS website later in the afternoon, but David Rich, Monroe County's emergency management director, said they had determined straight-line winds were responsible for the damage.


A semi truck used to store furniture during a renovation rests on its side on the ground next to what remains of a home destroyed in the storm.

From the photos he had, Fancher said, it appeared to be a one-story, wood-frame structure. He said it had been under renovation, so at least some of the furniture had been moved to a semitruck trailer, and that got blown over as well, but it was unknown to what extent it or its contents were damaged. Rich said the trailer had not yet been turned back over or opened.

No one reported any injuries from wind- or storm-related issues, Fancher said.

The other notable item Fancher shared from the weekend weather was from farther west in his area. In Logan County, some folks drove on flooded roadways, got stranded and had to be rescued, but there were no fatalities from that.

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