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Caverna High School students gather in front of the high school on Tuesday evening for a candlelight vigil in memory of Kaci Wilson, a former teacher who died in a car wreck last Sunday.

HORSE CAVE — A large group of students gathered in front of Caverna High School on Tuesday evening. They were holding lit candles and many of them were crying or holding back tears during a candlelight vigil for Kaci Wilson, a former CHS teacher who died in a collision on Sunday.

Wilson, 26, of Bowling Green, who was most recently a teacher at Jennings Creek Elementary, died in a three-vehicle collision Sunday afternoon on Campbell Lane in Bowling Green, according to reports from various Bowling Green media outlets.

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The students took turns talking about Wilson, expressing their love for her and for their fellow classmates.

“Remember the good times, because she was a great person.”

“I know that she loved us all.”

“Keep going and live every day like it’s your last — because anything can happen.”

“We can have our last breath at any moment.”

“I want all of you to know that I love all of you.”

“We are family.”

CHS Principal Matthew Bastin spoke to the group and told them how proud he was of them for organizing the vigil.

“Students, you came up with this idea,” he said. “This is a testament of her impact as a teacher.”

Bastin said three things are very important when living in a smaller area — school, community and family.

“Times like this, you see the family,” he said. “We are here for you.

“Don’t hesitate to talk.”

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Caverna High School students release balloons into the air in memory of Kaci Wilson, a former teacher who died in a car wreck last Sunday.

The students bowed their heads as one of them said a prayer. They then walked over to the grass field in front of the school and released balloons into the sky.

As the frigid air came in with a strong wind, they gathered close and lit more candles. After a moment of silence, they blew them out and embraced each other with a group hug.

They slowly dispersed from the area, but the memory of Wilson lives on.

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