Randy Rascoe

Shown here is a recent photo of Randy Rascoe, who has been missing mid-May. His car was found abandoned in the visitor center parking lot of Mammoth Cave National Park on Thursday, which was also when national park personnel began a search for Rascoe. The search continued today, with help from volunteers from Edmonson County. Photo courtesy of Rascoe's family

The search for a Bowling Green man, Randy Rascoe, at Mammoth Cave National Park continued on Friday, with the aid of 12 Civil Air Patrol members, five handlers with the Jefferson County Search Dog Association and four search dogs, and six Mammoth Cave National Park employees contributing to the search, but their efforts turned up nothing, according to Vickie Carson, public information officer for Mammoth Cave National Park.

Rascoe, a Glasgow native, has been missing since mid-May. His last known whereabouts was in the Georgetown area of northern Kentucky.

Rascoe's car was found in the parking lot of the national park's visitor center last Thursday. That is when national park personnel began their search for him, the newspaper article said.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is urged to call the Park Watch phone line at (888) 219-1599, to leave a recorded message.

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MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK — Plans on Monday were to enlist the help of the Civil Air Patrol to search Mammoth Cave National Park, looking for Randy Rascoe of Bowling Green, who has been reported missing since mid-May.

But the Civil Air Patrol was unable to fly.

“They weren't able to come today. We are still trying to make those arrangements,” said Vickie Carson, public information officer for the national park.

Rascoe is a native of Glasgow. His car was found abandoned in the visitor center's parking lot at the national park on Thursday. That's when the search for Rascoe began.

“Another ranger and I went out Green River Bluffs Trail,” said Lora Peppers, chief park ranger, on Sunday.

The initial search turned up nothing. National park personnel contacted Rascoe's family and learned he had been traveling, and that his family had been looking for him.

“On Friday we geared up with a few more people and we covered the picnic area really, really well, like between Green River Bluffs Trail and out to the river,” Peppers said. “The teams we had out there were maybe two and three-person teams so they weren't very big teams so they didn't cover as thoroughly as we did (on Saturday) because we had a lot more volunteers (on Saturday).”

Thirty-four people from Butler County Rescue Squad, Edmonson County Search and Rescue and Hart County Rescue Squad, along with national park personnel searched the national park on Saturday.

On Sunday, the search continued with a small group of volunteers from Edmonson County Search and Rescue joining national park personnel. The search on Sunday focused downstream of the Green River Ferry to Houchins Ferry, plus the Floating Mill Drainage section of the national park, which is about a half mile north from where Rascoe's vehicle was found in the visitor center's parking lot.

Rascoe's family was present at the national park on Sunday, waiting to learn if the search crews had found any sign of their son and brother.

The last time they had seen Rascoe was in mid-May, when his brother Steven, and his sister-in-law, Michelle, came down from Louisville to go fishing with him.

Scott Rascoe talked to his brother, Randy, about a week before that.

“That was the last time any of us had talked to him,” Scott Rascoe said on Sunday. “We know he was off from work then.”

On May 20, Steven Rascoe tried to contact Randy Rascoe for two or three days but couldn't reach him. That's when he decided to call his brother's work.

“He worked for the Bowling Green City, the Department of Public Works, and he didn't show back up for work,” Scott Rascoe said. “He had been on vacation, so they didn't know anything. So, then we filed a missing person's report a few days later after we kept trying to get a hold of his phone, and that was through the Bowling Green Police.”

Rascoe's family knew he had been traveling.

“What we can gather, he was in Lexington, in the Georgetown area, on Nov. 2-4. He had the oil changed and he stayed at a Hampton Inn in Georgetown. After that the last GPS was where his car was found here in the national park,” Steven Rascoe said.

Randy Rascoe was known to visit the national park.

“He came here regularly to hike and especially to see the leaf change,” Steven Rascoe said.

Rascoe's sister, Sherry Frank, hopes her brother left his car at the visitor center and then caught a ride with someone else.

Steven and Scott Rascoe, however, believes their brother to be a the national park.

“We have no indication that he left, because his vehicle was here and all of his belongings were in the vehicle. He has been traveling since May or June and basically, everything he owned was in the car,” said Scott Rascoe.

In addition to plans for conducting a search by plane, national park personnel are following up on Randy Rascoe's past contacts and things they have been able to establish by talking with his family, Carson said.

“We are also reviewing our search plan and determining what our next steps should be,” she said.

The family has asked anyone with information about their brother to contact the Park Watch Line at (888)-219-1599 and leave a recorded message.

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