The Barren River District Health Department released a report Thursday afternoon listing the first confirmed death in Barren County from COVID-19.

The total number of confirmed cases was reported as 34 in the county with 16 of those patients listed as recovered.

Those numbers didn’t change on Friday when the BRDHD released its daily numbers. During Gov. Andy Beshear’s update Friday afternoon, he noted five new deaths in the state and one was a 74-year-old male from Barren County.

The first case reported in the Barren River District, which includes eight counties, was on March 18 in Warren County. It was almost two weeks later on March 30 before a confirmed case was first reported in Barren County.

The second case wasn’t confirmed until almost a week after that on April 6. The number of cases continued to increase slowly one or two at a time over the span of the next two and a half weeks to 10. But between April 23 and April 24, the largest one-day jump up until then occurred with the total rising to 14 – an increase of four new cases in 24 hours, or a 40% increase.

The next jump occurred during the first week of May when cases increased 16 to 21 from May 1-7, a 24% increase. The next day on May 8 another three cases for a total of 24 were confirmed. Cases then increased one per day until reaching 27 on May 13. The 27 cases plateaued until the weekend of May 16-17. On Monday, the district health department reported a total of 29 cases, but by Thursday the number had risen to 34, an increase of five cases or a 15% increase over three days.

While the overall numbers in Barren County remain low, 34 out of a projected population of approximately 44,250 in 2019 or a 0.0008% infection rate, adjoining Warren County with 917 total cases and five deaths so far has been described by Gov. Andy Beshear as a hot spot area for infections in Kentucky.

Other counties adjoining Barren with confirmed cases are: Allen, 39, with one death; Edmonson, 56, with nine deaths; Hart, 21; Metcalfe, 4; and Monroe, 6.

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