Vehicles line the parking lot of the Phillips Family IGA in Hiseville on Thursday. The grocery store has seen a sizable increase in business recently due to concerns over the coronavirus.

GLASGOW — Ben Shirley, owner of Haywood Shooting Supply, said there’s been a steady increase in sales at the Barren County business since concerns over the coronavirus started sweeping the nation.

“I think it’s just mainly all the scare that’s going on — all the uncertainty,” Shirley said Thursday.

Guns and ammunition are the popular buys, but not just for Haywood Shooting Supply regulars. Shirley said many of the purchases have been made by new customers.

“There’s just worry about what’s going on in the world and worry about what could happen in the future,” Shirley said.

The business, located at 10338 Scottsville Road, is operating on its normal schedule of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Shirley said Haywood Shooting Supply will continue its standard operating hours until further notice.

While businesses such as restaurants, fitness centers and entertainment venues have been shut down by order of Gov. Andy Beshear as a result of the coronavirus, other establishments are busier than usual.

Phillips Family IGA in Hiseville averages about 600 customers a day during normal times. Trevor Phillips said that amount has risen to about 800 daily customers over the past week.

“We’re seeing a major increase in people — new customers plus people buying larger amounts because kids are out of school and they’re afraid they might not have have it later,” Phillips said.

The grocery store has limits in place on the amount of items that can be purchased including ground beef, bread, milk and eggs.

“We’ve really not had any upset or rude customers through it all. Everyone has been really kind through the whole thing understanding the policy on limits and respecting that everyone should have some,” Phillips said.

Though some items are not stocked as abundantly as they are during normal times, he doesn’t anticipate any problems with keeping most food items available for purchase.

While many stores have faced milk shortages, Phillips Family IGA has been bolstered by a local dairy farm. The grocery recently began buying milk from the newly-opened Legacy Dairy farm in Hiseville.

Precautions are being taken to keep the store sanitized and Phillips said staff is encouraging customers to also be mindful of cleanliness.

Business has also been steady at Fire Pit Spirits, located at 1100 Happy Valley Road in Glasgow. Drive-thru business has picked up at the store, but owner Rexanna Shirley said the business’s gains may be coming from the losses of other local establishments.

“Sadly we attribute it to local bars and restaurants being closed,” she said.

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