GLASGOW — The Kentucky Department of Education made public early Tuesday morning the state assessment scores for the 2018-19 school year, and released along with the state test scores was a new five-star accountability system.

The new accountability system assigns the state, school districts and schools with an overall star rating ranging from one to five, with one being the lowest and five being the highest.

Glasgow Independent Schools and the Barren County School District each had at least one four-star school in their systems.

The Barren County School District received an overall three-star rating, as did Red Cross Elementary, Park City Elementary, North Jackson Elementary, Eastern Elementary, Barren County Middle and High schools.

Three of the district's elementary schools, however, received four stars. They are: Austin-Tracy, Hiseville and Temple Hill Elementary schools.

“Overall, we are pleased with our results,” said Scott Harper, director of instruction and technology for the school district.

There were several accountability indicators taken into consideration when assigning a school an overall star rating, such as reading, mathematics, social studies, science and writing; students' academic growth/progress over one academic year; transition readiness; and graduation rate.

GIS ratings

Glasgow Middle School was one of just 60 middle schools in the state to garner a four-star rating.

"Glasgow Middle School is extremely proud of the hard work and focused efforts of our students, families, and staff that have led to a Four Star designation from the 2018-2019 state assessments. Data from state test scores reflect gains that will build on current initiatives in the school’s comprehensive plan and the district’s strategic goals," GMS Principal Regina Murphy said in a news release.

The other GIS schools — Glasgow High School, Highland Elementary and South Green Elementary — received three-star ratings.

"We feel our success can be credited to outstanding students, a devoted, veteran teaching staff, support from our board of education and community. We continue to provide various opportunities to our Scotties and will ensure that the district’s vision and core of customization, personalization and communication supports our district’s Tradition of Excellence," GIS Superintendent Keith Hale said in a news release.

Looking at the averages

Barren County Schools saw their elementary schools score higher than the state average in the measurable categories of reading, math, writing, social studies and science.

In reading, BCS elementary schools averaged 60.6 percent compared to the state average of 54.6 percent.

BCS elementary schools averaged 51.3 percent in math, which was above the state average of 48.6 percent.

The district's elementary school writing average was 57 percent, higher than the state average of 46.6 percent.

BCS elementary schools averaged 62.8 percent in social studies compared to 53 percent statewide.

In science, BCS elementary schools had a 37.6 percent mark compared to the 31.7 percent state mark.

BCMS had a 62.4 percent average in reading(59.6 percent for state); 50.9 percent in math(46.4); 35.6 percent in writing(31.9 percent); 60.1 percent in social studies(58.8 percent); and 26.2 percent in science(26 percent).

BCHS scored below the state average in every category.

BCHS had a 41.5 percent average in reading, which was below the state average of 44.5 percent.

The high school's math average of 32 percent was also below the state mark of 35.3 percent.

The BCHS writing average was 41.1 percent compared to the state mark of 50.3 percent.

BCHS' science average was 28.7 percent, while the state mark was 29.9 percent.

GIS elementary schools' district reading average of 53.6 percent was below the state average of 54.6 percent.

GIS elementary schools were also behind the state average in writing with a 33.5 percent score compared to 46.6 percent.

The district math average for elementary schools of 49.7 percent was better than the state mark of 48.6 percent. Glasgow elementary schools also had a higher average in social studies(64.2 percent) compared to the state mark(53 percent).

GMS had a higher average that the state mark in every category except science, where the school scored 25.2 percent compared to the 26 percent Kentucky average.

GHS also scored above the state average in reading, math, writing and science.

State education commissioner comments on Report Card

“The release of accountability data through the Kentucky School Report Card is an opportunity for parents, educators and community leaders to engage in data-informed dialogue about schools’ and students’ strengths and areas for growth,” said Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis in a news release announcing the results.

“The system also is designed to shine a light on achievement gaps between various groups of students. As usual, there are Kentucky schools and districts that are improving. We should celebrate their success and learn from their transformational approaches to teaching and learning. But the data also show that as a whole, our system is not yet ensuring each and every student – regardless of socioeconomic level, disability or race – is empowered and equipped to pursue a successful future.”

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