Republicans swept the races in Allen County on Tuesday.

Gov. Matt Bevin soundly defeated Democratic challenger Andy Beshear with 3,564 votes, or 67.13 percent, compared to 1,649 votes, or 31.06 percent.

Republican incumbent Allison Ball received the most votes of any candidate in Allen County, as she won the treasurer's race with 4,080 votes, or 78.40 percent, compared to Democratic challenger Michael Bowman's 1,124 votes, or 21.60 percent.

Republican incumbent Ryan Quarles easily carried Allen County in the Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner race, as did incumbent GOP State Auditor Mike Harmon.

Daniel Cameron dominated Greg Stumbo with 75.48 percent of the Allen County vote for attorney general, while Michael Adams carried Allen County with 3,868 votes, or 73.90 percent of the vote for secretary of state.

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