GLASGOW – In a report published in the June 25 Glasgow Daily Times about the removal of voting rights for convicted felons and concern by some that felons had been voting inappropriately, two specific cases were mentioned about which the newspaper had sought voting records.

Additional information has been received since that publication.

Both cases were Barren County residents whose cases had gone through state court – one in an adjoining county and one here. For that report, the Daily Times did not look into anyone who had a federal conviction.

As it happens, both men had lived in the sixth magisterial district, where last November's race was won by one vote.

In the instance where the person lived in another county, that person's name was provided to the Daily Times by a concerned individual who heard the felon had voted inappropriately.

The other instance was one in which the Daily Times discovered that a person convicted in 2017 was still a registered voter.

According to information obtained from the Kentucky State Board of Elections, which still had the voter sign-in roster sheets at the time the information was sought, neither of those individuals in question voted in the May primary this year.

The man whose case was in another county was still registered and could have voted this year. He did vote in the 2018 primary election, but not in the general election last year, all according to information obtained through the Barren County Clerk's Office.

The other person, whose case was discovered as part of a general search of cases in a specific time frame, did not vote in either 2018 election, according to the clerk's office information.

Kentucky had no elections in 2017.

In any case, how a person voted cannot be known.

In 2017, 85 people were removed from the voter rolls in Barren County due to having a felony conviction. That number was 101 in 2018, and as of June 24 of this year, 40 people had been removed for that reason, according to the clerk's office information.

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