Mowing season along Kentucky state highways is fully underway and crews in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's District 3 area are moving between counties. State forces and contract crews will be mowing roadsides, and crews will be removing litter on some highways as well.

KYTC officials ask Kentuckians to do their part by keeping the state right of way clear of temporary signs and other obstacles that can obstruct the path of mowers and pose a hazard for mowing crews and motorists. Folks should not be placing any political signs, yard sale signs, real estate signs or any other sign that have not gone through the official permit process through the District 3 office. Any signs not officially permitted to be on state right-of-way will be removed. The signs will be kept at the local county facility for a limited numbers of days. Anyone wishing to collect their signage may arrange a pickup time by calling the local county facility.

Crews are already having issues with political signs illegally placed on state right of way. In addition, a number of signs advertising businesses and services are also being seen. Kentucky law prohibits placement of these unauthorized signs on state right of way. The prohibition also applies to signs attached to utility poles on the right of way.

Mowing zones will be marked by appropriate signage. Drivers are urged to slow down and watch for slow-moving tractors and support vehicles in areas where mowing or litter removal are ongoing. In preparation for mowing, state crews will be removing obstacles such as fallen trees from the areas to be mowed. Motorists should watch for crews clearing trees and brush. These work zones will be marked with signage, with traffic controlled by flaggers where necessary.

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