Benny Lile

Benny Lile 

EDMONTON — Metcalfe County Schools announced at its February school board meeting that it has received 14 applications for the position of superintendent of Metcalfe County Schools.

School board member Robin McMurtrey, who serves on the screening committee, shared the breakdown of the applicants. Of the total applicant pool, five applicants are from out of state, four currently hold the title of superintendent, and one is a former superintendent. Six applicants are serving in district office administration, and three are head principals.

McMurtrey praised the work of the committee. “Our committee members are all highly dedicated and committed to assisting the board in order to get the right person for the post,” McMurtrey said. “We will continue our work throughout this month, and right now, it looks like we will be able to stay true to the board’s original timeline.”

The timeline calls for the screening committee to complete its work during the month of February, the board to conduct interviews in March, and have a superintendent named by mid to late April.

Superintendent Benny Lile, who announced his pending retirement earlier this school year, shared that at the current time, there are 14 superintendent vacancies in Kentucky with more expected before summer.

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