Two additional lawsuits have been brought by five women employed by the Barren County Correctional Facility. Both suits were filed against former Barren County Jailer Leland Cox, the Barren County Government and the Barren County Corrections Center.

Both civil lawsuits were filed on Sept. 22.

The first lawsuit was brought by Linda “Gail” Boles, Janita Adwell and Sharon Houchens, all of Glasgow.

The lawsuit alleges all three were “subjected to unwelcome sexual harassment” by Cox and the alleged actions “created an intimidating, hostile and/or offensive work environment.”

Boles alleges that beginning in June 2007, Cox subjected her to “verbal and physical sexual harassment.”

Adwell stated in the lawsuit that beginning in April 2007, Cox tried to engage her in “talk of sexual activities” as well as made “sexual comments” on a daily basis.

Houchens states she was subjected to the sexual harassment beginning in June 2007 and claims Cox commented that he “wanted to have an affair with her.”

Boles, Adwell and Houchens all allege Cox would insist they “kiss him in order to receive their paycheck or leave his office” and that he asked them “do you love your boss?”

The second lawsuit filed on Sept. 22 was filed by Janice Davidson and Teresa White.

Davidson alleges that beginning in Jan. 2003, Cox subjected her to “talk of sexual activities” and “unwanted touching.” Davidson states that on at least two occasions her salary was immediately decreased after she rejected Cox’s unwanted advances.

White alleges that Cox began sexually harassing her in April 2007.

All five of the women allege that the harrasment and abuse was both physical and verbal, according to the lawsuits.

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