The Trouble With Boys

The Trouble With Boys takes a picture with some fans after their show at Highland Elementary on Friday night. The show was a fundraiser for CAMP T.J. Kids.

The Trouble With Boys rocked a fund raiser for CAMP T.J. Kids on Friday night.

Ryan Michael, drummer for the band, said that the show went pretty well.

“We’re always happy to do things like this,” Michael said.

Guitarist Foster Davis added: “It’s always nice to do something you love and be able to help kids doing it.”

The band played hits from U2, All American Rejects, some original tunes, and sang happy birthday to the coordinator, Stephanie Smith, who said the turnout was good.

“It was a great turnout, and I think everyone had fun,” she said. “It looks like they had fun.”

After playing, the band allowed the kids to come up and try out the instruments. They also took pictures and signed autographs for fans.

“It was really fun, the band was cool,” said Kelsey, 8. “They played really good.”

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