In April 2005, third-, sixth- and ninth-grade students participated in the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS). Fourth-, fifth-, seventh-, eighth-, 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students participated in the Kentucky Core Contest Test (KCCT). Writing portfolios were completed in grades 4, 7 and 12, and alternate portfolios were completed at grades 4, 8 and the last anticipated year.

These are all components of the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS).

The assessments included: written tests comprised of open-response and multiple-choice questions in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, arts and humanities, practical living/vocational studies and an on-demand writing prompt; a writing portfolio consisting of writing samples showing students’ skill in writing; a national norm reference test (CTBS) in reading, language arts and mathematics; and alternate portfolios for students with severe and profound cognitive disabilities.

The scores should be compared to the absolute standard of proficient, the goal for all Kentucky and Metcalfe County schools. Numerically, proficient is represented by 100 on a scale of 140. Overall, Metcalfe County School District has an index of 75 up from 72.3 in 2004. The report is a midpoint report snapshot for the 2005-06 cycle. In order to meet the goal for the biennium, the district will need to have a 2006 accountability index of at least 82.4 and they are moving in that direction.

The three elementary schools had an accountability index of 87.9 up from 83.2 in 2004. Individually, Summer Shade Elementary is the first school to exceed 100 or proficiency on the CATS assessment. Summer Shade had an accountability index of 101.8 up from 90.2 in 2004. North Metcalfe Elementary had an accountability index of 92.7 up from 84.4 last year. Edmonton Elementary had an accountability index of 81.9 up from 79.7 in 2004. Metcalfe County Middle School had an accountability index of 69.4 up from 69.2 in 2004. Metcalfe County High School had an accountability index of 67.5 up from 64.0 in 2004.

As the school district looks toward the April 2006 CATS assessment, schools will continue to look for ways to improve. Mathematics and arts/humanities will be two core content areas targeted this year for both the elementary schools and the high school. The middle school will focus on improving mathematics and practical living/vocational studies.

The district and individual schools will be analyzing the 2005 test results to identify strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum for all students. There will be time devoted to look not only at the specific core content areas, but also individual students in studying ways to help the students move toward proficiency.


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