Feb. 15:

Amy Nunn, .731 acres on Avo Ave., to Dennis and Janet Rigsby, $21.50.

Michelle Stovall, lot in Twin Pines Court to James P. Haynes, $25.

Scotty Reece, 23.466 acres on US Hwy. 68-80 to Betty Jean Gentry, $54.50.

Don Pierce, Lot 4 of Meadowview Estates, to Jeremy Kelly Jenkins, $12.50.

Mosie E. and Anna Troyer, tract on Merry Oaks-Red Cross Road to Tobias and Mattie Gingerich, $213.

John M. and Sarah Barrick, .213 acres, Lot 74-B, of Firethorn (Oaks of Autumn) to David and Marsha Newport, $9.

John M. and Sarah Barrick, .214 acres, Lot 74-A of Firethorn, Oaks of Autumn, to Ricky and Donna Bennett, $9.

Feb. 16:

Joe David and Lois Bridgwater, 2 tracts on Peden Road to Todd Lee Freeman, $110.

Walter Winn Davis, Special Master Commissioner, et al., .574 acres on Ky. Hwy. 2195 to Green Tree Servicing LLC.

Ken and Mitzy Ford, .601 acres, Lot 13 on Megan Lane, Hidden Acres, to Nils and Kim Kjelsen, $20.

Paula J. and George Sea Allen, 2 parcels on Horton-Rigdon Road to Ronald L. and Rita F. Seagraves, $115.

Chris and Kattie Wyatt, Lot 37 of Springview Sub. to Matthew Shawn and Lisa Pack, $120.

Gene and Francine Strode, parcel, PB 1/149 of Lyons Addition, Cave City, to Mitchell G. and Donna Kay Sturgeon.

Ken and Mitzy Ford, 2.014 acres, Lot 28 on Megan Lane (Hidden Acres) to Jeff and Cathy Bishop, $22.50.

Amber Star Bunch, 2.725 acres on Lecta-Kino Road to Lonnie and Reva Kilburn, $36.

James B. and Carolyn Bow and Bow Construction, Lots 19 and 20 of San-Dan Sub. to Adam Curtis and Aleia D. Bow, $95.

Feb. 20:

Corey and Monica Davis, Lots 10 and 11 of Park Bluff Sub. to Michael Lee Nunnally, $18.

Christopher W. and Becky Cash, Lot 2, PB 15/652 of Mansfield Estates to Brian Mattingly, $123.

Michael E. Sr. and Judy Darlene Welch and Alice Lucille Meredith, 1.390 acres, Lot 19 of Dunedin Way, Highlander Farm, to George K. and Cynthia Gernert, $80.

Zenna Sartin, 5 1/3 acres on Glasgow and Burkesville Road to Roger Lee Sr. and Bobbie J. Sartin.

Feb. 21:

G. Neil and Marie B. Yates, .741 acres on Navajo Trail to Snake Point LLC.

Neil and Marie B. Yates, Lot 1, Sec. 1, of Indian Hills Resorts to Snake Point LLC.

James D. and Maude T. Isenberg, David W. and Betty R. Bailey, Joseph C., Jean J. and J.S. Calvin Leech, 1.003 acres, Lot 5 of Fairview Lane, Beechtree Hills to Hector Pacheco, $9.50.

Grace Scott Rowland Living Trust, .459 acres (Lot 13) of Sugar Tree Lane to Grace Scott Rowland.

Grace Scott Rowland, .459 acres (Lot 13) of Sugar Tree Lane to Rebecca E. Taylor.


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